Binance Labs bets big ‘to usher in the next billion DeFi users’

Binance Labs leads the second funding round for the Rango Exchange.  Binance Labs executive viewed Range Exchange as a disruptor in the DeFi space.  As a seasoned crypto investor with a keen interest in DeFi projects, I find Binance Labs’ investment in Rango Exchange an exciting development. The potential for cross-chain aggregation and interoperability is … Read more

As Ethereum crosses $3,5k, what’s next? This key factor holds the clue

Ethereum’s Open Interest has decreased, potentially easing market tensions. The asset’s price shows signs of recovery, with a current rise to $3,585. As a seasoned analyst with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency market, I have closely monitored Ethereum’s recent price movements and market indicators. Based on the data presented, it appears that Ethereum is showing … Read more

Bitcoin causes altcoins to suffer, but Notcoin is different

Notcoin declined 12.20% in seven days, with 2.95% daily gains. Market sentiment remained negative as altcoins declined due to Bitcoin’s volatility. As a researcher with experience in cryptocurrency market analysis, I have closely observed the recent trend of Notcoin (NOT) and other altcoins. Based on the available data, NOT has experienced a downside in the … Read more