A look at long-term holders show Bitcoin is here to stay

The Bitcoin [BTC] price has recently been fluctuating within a range of either $27,000 or $30,000. During this period of price volatility, both onlookers and long-term BTC holders have witnessed the cryptocurrency’s struggle to break free from this range. Despite these price challenges some dedicated holders have chosen to retain their BTC holdings. Long-term Bitcoin … Read more

How much is Bitcoin worth today?

Bitcoin is worth around $26,000 today, with BTC price declining 4% over the past week following the Federal Reserve’s hawkish message. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) is holding above $26,000 on Sept. 25, continuing to show weakness after last week’s United States Federal Reserve interest rate decision.  Will the Fed push Bitcoin price lower? On Sept. 21, … Read more

Arbitrum Foundation takes custody of unclaimed ARB incentives

Early Arbitrum [ARB] network adopters who have yet to claim their rewards may finally have no incentive to receive because the Arbitrum Foundation has decided that the unclaimed $56.5 million in ARB should be sent back to the DAO treasury. Roaming tokens gets back to the store According to Arbiscan, the addition of the unclaimed … Read more

Arbitrum DAO takes $56M of unclaimed ARB as airdrop deadline ends

The amount of unclaimed Arbitrum (ARB) tokens accounts for 0.69% of ARB’s total supply of 10 billion. Arbitrum, a major Layer 2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain, has officially added the unclaimed tokens from the Arbitrum airdrop to its network’s treasury. The Arbitrum Foundation sent 69.4 million unclaimed Arbitrum (ARB) tokens to the Arbitrum’s decentralized … Read more