Bitcoin: Despite THIS decline, BTC investors still hold steady!

Long-term Bitcoin holders exhibited confidence, selling less despite market fluctuations and nearing all-time highs. Bitcoin’s strong support at $63,440-$65,470 and growing liquidity suggested potential for upward momentum. As a seasoned researcher with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency market, I have closely observed Bitcoin’s [BTC] price movements and investor behavior over the years. Based on my … Read more

Dogs vs. cats rivalry take memecoins to $54 billion market cap

The memecoin market cap has declined in the last 24 hours. These assets have seen double-digit increases despite the market cap decline. As a seasoned cryptocurrency analyst with years of experience observing and dissecting market trends, I find the recent developments in the memecoin sector particularly intriguing. The double-digit increases seen by several assets despite … Read more

U.S. moves Bitcoin worth $4M: Sell-off fears mount once again

The U.S. government moved some BTC from its portfolio to Coinbase Prime. Will this spark another government-induced wave of sell pressure? As a seasoned researcher with extensive experience in the crypto market, I have closely followed the developments surrounding the U.S. government and its Bitcoin holdings. The recent transfer of 58.74 BTC from the U.S. … Read more

Ethereum ETFs are here! Everything to know before you start trading

Spot Ethereum ETFs were approved for trading on 23rd July.  Despite ETH’s sluggish performance at press time, bullish momentum persists.  As a seasoned crypto investor with years of experience in the volatile world of digital assets, I have witnessed the approval of spot Ethereum ETFs as a significant milestone for the industry. Despite the recent … Read more