25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Want to get some cryptocurrency but you’re low on cash? Let’s see how we can get some free crypto.

Investing in cryptocurrencies and observing their value increase is an enjoyable experience for crypto owners. However, there’s an even more rewarding aspect – completing straightforward tasks to receive cryptocurrencies and witnessing their growth over time. I’ve always been drawn to making money through cryptocurrency or discovering clever methods to obtain it for free.

1. Earn Crypto By Using Layer3 or Intract

participate in Quests.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

At Layer3, you can engage in tasks and accumulate experience points (XP). XP serves only to enhance your experience on this platform by adding a gaming element to the protocol. By completing tasks, you become eligible for various airdrops. Layer3 has offered quests related to Blurr, Jupiter, Arbitrum, Optimism, Starknet, Zetachain, Scroll, Linea, Base, and numerous other protocols. If you’re looking for a platform where you can earn cryptocurrency through completing tasks, Layer3 is an excellent choice. Recently, Layer3 introduced the capability to earn a small amount of USDT/USDC by finishing certain quests. Although it’s not substantial, sometimes it can reimburse gas fees.

With Layer3, over half of its users accumulated more than $5000 in earnings from the recent airdrops: Jupiter, Zetachain, and Starknet. The sum would exceed $20,000 if we include earnings from Arbitrum, Optimism, Blurr, Celestia, and others.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

At Intract.io, you can participate in engaging cryptocurrency tasks. Additionally, this platform provides some enticing incentives beyond the crypto realm.

  • Alpha information from crypto world, sent as newsletter to your email
  • Access to lotteries where you can win high valued prizes

Just like at Layer 3, engaging with protocols and completing tasks makes you eligible for airdrops.

The relatively new platform, Intract.io, holds great potential in the realm of Web3 Quests. It’s our conviction that employing this tool could result in valuable airdrops, worth approximately $10,000 yearly. Furthermore, using it is an enjoyable experience!

2. Earn crypto by shopping online

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Have you heard that it’s now possible to spend regular money and receive crypto in return? A few short years ago, this wasn’t an option. However, certain businesses now let you make purchases and gain cryptocurrency as a reward.

Below, we’ll mention the most known and respectable ones:

  • Lolli – With Lolli, you can get up to 30% cashback using their extension. Lolli is available for USA users only. We’ve also written a Lolli review in the past, which you can check to find out more details; 
  • Shopnext.io – Shopnext allows you to link your card to different merchants and earn based on your spending. You’ll get rewards in their token, which you can convert for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another crypto asset. 
  • Stormx – Stormx is another well-known platform where you can shop and get cashback in crypto. They’ve paid more than $5 million to their users so far. You can install the StormX extension and start earning. 

3. Learn and Earn

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Some businesses collaborate with well-known brands to distribute free tokens as incentives for users exploring their new projects. Users can deepen their knowledge by taking quizzes, and in return, they receive a small amount of crypto valued at a few dollars.

You can do this on various platforms, such as:


25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Coinbase is known for operating one of the most widely-used learn-and-earn programs, with a history spanning over six years. To get started with earning on Coinbase’s Learn and Earn platform, simply log into your existing Coinbase account and navigate to the “Coinbase Learn” section.

In that platform, you have the flexibility to select among various guides, and each progressive level grants you a reward. Nevertheless, please note that this feature isn’t accessible everywhere; it’s limited to specific countries and account types. If your application is successful, though, you stand to earn substantial amounts of crypto.


25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

At CoinMarketCap, you’ll often find a selection of digital assets with associated videos, quizzes, and other engaging tasks that let you discover new projects and potentially earn tokens as rewards. Some of the tokens you might come across include BNB, DFI, TRX, SXP, ROSE, NEAR, LIKE, PERP, XMS, URUS, NFTB, SAND, and numerous others.


25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

With Revolut, you have the opportunity to test your knowledge through quiz sections in their app, rewarding you with a small amount of cryptocurrency, roughly between $5 and $10. Although it’s not a substantial sum now, it could potentially grow in value during a thriving market, especially considering the expansion of the blockchain industry. Additionally, Revolut allows you to stake your crypto directly on their platform, eliminating the need for moving your funds around. Furthermore, the educational resources they provide are subject to frequent updates.


25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Binance stands out as the most significant cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading activity and user numbers. Here’s why it attracts so many users: The platform caters to both newcomers and seasoned investors, providing various benefits. For instance, users can earn crypto by completing quizzes, making learning fun and profitable.

On Binance Academy, you’ll find this particular attribute. The quizzes they offer are extensive, allowing you to boost your cryptocurrency know-how substantially.


25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

CoinGecko stands out due to its comprehensive examinations of diverse crypto subjects. On this platform, users have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency through engaging activities. For example, by watching instructional videos about leading and up-and-coming crypto initiatives, you can then take quizzes to demonstrate your understanding, ultimately receiving rewards as a result.

Currently, there are available resources detailing Zeebu, Aleph Zero, Oasis, Sei, NYM, Tezos, and Kyber Network, in addition to top-notch cryptocurrency security methods for your reference.

4. Using Brave browser

Brave Browser is currently well-known for prioritizing user privacy. Previously, this browser used to give incentives when users referred others to join its program.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Many individuals were enticed to experiment with Brave Browser due to the generous distribution of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). However, it’s important to note that using Brave Browser currently offers an opportunity to earn crypto through their rewards program. By viewing ads, users can generate earnings.

Users have shared experiences of making approximately $0.17 a day, or around $5 a month, through the Brave Browser just by browsing online. Essentially, not utilizing Brave Browser could result in missing out on this potential income stream.

5. Using Presearch – Get Paid to Search

Presearch functions as a search engine, similar to Google. Although it doesn’t hold the title of the best search engine globally, it performs its duties exceptionally well.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

To start earning an income while browsing the web, simply sign up for a Presearch account first.

Users can earn an income between 0.10 PRE and 0.50 PRE per search, limited to 8 PRE per day. And an extra 25 PRE when you invite a friend to Presearch.

With PRE costing only slightly more than 50 cents, the potential returns may not seem substantial, yet it still represents additional earnings.

6. Earn Crypto from Crypto Airdrops

Uniswap didn’t initiate the airdrop trend, but it significantly revived the concept with a drop valued in five figures at its peak.

In simpler terms, Bitcoin Cash was distributed for free to Bitcoin owners back in 2017. The amount of Bitcoin Cash each person received was proportional to the Bitcoin they already had in their wallets. This giveaway was equivalent to approximately 20% of the value of a single Bitcoin at that time.

Bitcoins Cash is a new cryptocurrency that emerged following a major split, or fork, in the original Bitcoin blockchain. An airdrop alone did not create it.

There were many others worth 4 figures or 5 figures.

Free crypto airdrops have been hunted by hundreds of thousands of people ever since.

However, not all crypto airdrops were so big.

however, securing an airdrop involves discovering fresh projects, engaging with them, experimenting with their offerings, and validating their technology, potentially resulting in the acquisition of digital rewards.

7. Be a ‘Bug’ Hunter – Find Security-Related Bugs and Get Rewarded in Crypto

A leading crypto exchange always offers an effective bug bounty program. Establishing such a program is essential for creating a premier exchange, as it enhances the security of your platform.

That’s why crypto exchanges have decided to offer big bounty rewards.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Instead of waiting for a costly issue to escalate, it’s wiser to invest in fixing a bug thoroughly, preventing potential security breaches or financial ruin for the company.

In simple terms, Kraken offers an exceptional bug bounty scheme within the cryptocurrency world. By discovering a significant vulnerability, you could be rewarded with as much as $100,000 in Bitcoin.

At Crypto.com, users can earn to £62,750 ($80,000) by discovering and reporting security weaknesses through the company’s bug bounty program.

In addition, Binance’s bug bounty program provides up to $100,000 worth of cryptocurrency incentives for identifying and reporting bugs within the Binance platform, particularly in relation to their smart contracts.

In every major platform, there should be an optimal choice. For years, providing incentives to ensure security of funds has been essential in our industry.

8. Freecash.com – Complete Offers and Get Cash

Freecash.com is a place where you can earn rewards by completing different offers.

You stand a chance of earning rewards such as $25 upon installing and levelling up a poker app, $0.5 for installing any app, or $7 when ordering a crypto card.

Once you’ve signed up and set up your account, you’ll be able to perform different actions and accumulate their native tokens. You can later swap these tokens for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Approximately three years ago, Freecash initiated the support for cryptocurrency withdrawals on its platform. Currently, they offer a limited selection of cryptocurrencies for withdrawal. However, if you wish to exchange any cryptocurrency, you can do so using a Cryptocurrency Exchange (CEX) or Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

With Freecash, it’s unlikely that you’ll amass a great wealth, but you can obtain free cryptocurrency with minimal effort. I, for instance, have access to 94 such offers, while one of my friends boasts over a hundred.

Oh, and did I mention that you can win up to $250 by signing up on Freecash? 

Don’t get your hopes high – we won just $0.25 when we registered, but it’s a start.

9. Affiliate and Referral Programs

Inviting someone to join a cryptocurrency platform through your unique referral or affiliate link is a widely used method with attractive rewards or commissions for you.

Suppose I extended invitations to 2000 traders to join Binance. In return, Binance would compensate me with a 30% share of their transaction fees for every trade they conducted. Now imagine that each of these 2000 traders consistently executed trades worth 10 million dollars, while Binance charged a fee of just 0.10% on those transactions.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

In simpler terms, I make around $3,000 every month based on the trading volumes of the people I referred to join a cryptocurrency platform like Binance. Isn’t that amazing? And there are other similar crypto affiliate programs available too.

    Ledger – Ledger offers a 10% affiliate commission. So, if you buy a ledger through this link – we’ll make 10% of its worth. Yay, and thank you!
    Coinbase – Coinbase offered $25 in BTC if you referred someone who purchased cryptocurrency worth $100 or more on their platform. And that offer is available since BTC was under $2,000.
    Paxful – Paxful is another example of a good affiliate program, where you can earn 50% of the fees that Paxful gets from your referrals’ trading fees and 10% from the fees of the users invited by your referrals. Sounds tough? You can read the Paxful affiliate program review.

One method to earn from affiliate marketing can be quite demanding, involving significant effort to generate a steady monthly revenue. Not all programs offer recurring payments, meaning each sale brings a one-time compensation.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, it’s essential to put in a significant amount of effort and acquire necessary knowledge. You can achieve this by signing up for affiliate marketing courses, exploring various tutorials online, and most crucially, through hands-on experience.

10. Micro Tasks Websites

On a microtask site, you can complete simple jobs and receive payment in real money or digital tokens.

Some tasks may involve straightforward activities such as checking a website’s functionality, adding your email to a mailing list, or sharing a post on social media. The level of complexity for these tasks is minimal, and the compensation received is usually not significant.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

We’ve selected two micro tasks websites where you can get tokens:

    Cointiply – Cointiply has paid its members with over 290 BTC since its launch. Their app has over 500k installs and mostly has good reviews on Trustpilot.
    FreeCryptoRewards– You can withdraw over 20 cryptocurrencies, and the process takes a maximum of 48 hours.

Before visiting any additional websites similar to the two mentioned, make sure to examine their Trustpilot reviews first. Some may not honor payments at all.

11. Earn Crypto by Watching Videos

Yes, there are some platforms where you can watch videos and earn some digital assets.

They’re similar to YouTube, but in this case, you are also getting something.

One of these services is Odysee, where you can watch videos or upload videos and earn LBRY.

Watching videos or using the reward page on Odysee may not bring in significant earnings for you. However, if you produce and upload high-quality videos, you have the potential to earn cryptocurrency based on tips from other users.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Most importantly, you can even upload videos that you have uploaded to YouTube.

In recent observations, a video creator with 124 views managed to make $1.6, while another with 3000 views gained merely $0.2. The success in monetizing videos relies heavily on the specific niche and quality of the content.

If you’re currently producing content or aiming to start, Odysee offers an opportunity to earn some additional income. However, it can be a challenging path to wealth on this platform. Yet, it’s an essential part of the decentralization process.

12. Crypto Faucets

Have you heard the intriguing tale from the past when a “Bitcoin faucet” dispensed an astounding 5 Bitcoins for free? This generous tap was ingeniously devised by none other than Gavian Anderson, a Bitcoin pioneer.

Gavin Anderson coined the term “free crypto faucet” in the cryptocurrency realm as the pioneer behind the first site distributing free digital coins to users. This platform brought immense crypto wealth to people, amounting to approximately 19700 Bitcoins.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Following Gavin’s lead, an increasing number of people established similar websites, which came to be known as “Bitcoin faucets.” The approach was straightforward: users would visit these Bitcoin faucet sites and encounter numerous advertisements, allowing the site owners to earn revenue from the ad viewings.

The webmaster would pay the visitor bits of Bitcoin, called Satoshi. 

In the past, Bitcoin faucets offered significant opportunities to earn cryptocurrency for free. Currently, however, the returns are not large enough to amass a fortune. Nevertheless, they remain an alternative means of obtaining crypto with minimal investment.

If you’re interested in finding out the best faucets, you can check these articles: 

  • A list of the best bitcoin faucets 
  • Best dogecoin faucets list 
  • Best Litecoin faucets list
  • Best Ethereum Faucets

An advantage of using crypto faucets is that the tasks required are simple and time-efficient, yet the returns are relatively modest.

13. Earn Crypto by Using a Crypto Debit Card

The first crypto debit card launched by a business was created back in 2017.

In 2023, most big exchanges have their own crypto debit card, and you can earn crypto by using it.

Many cryptocurrency debit cards provide a modest reward in the form of Bitcoin or their native cryptocurrency for each purchase you make.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

“Shopping with a cryptocurrency debit card on platforms like Shopnext, Lolli, or StormX offers an amazing advantage: you can buy goods and services while simultaneously earning more crypto.”

Two widely recognized crypto debit cards on the market are Crypto.com and Wirex. These cards provide cashback rewards for their users.

But some competitors started to appear, such as:

  • Trastra debit card – You can get it for free!
  • Fold debit cards – Where you have two options: the free one or the $10 per month one with improved benefits.
  • Juno debit card – which offers a 5% cashback on many brands with no cap per month.

Crypto debit cards can be beneficial because they enable you to earn additional funds through your spending. It’s not a bad idea to own one or two of them.

14. Freelance for Bitcoin on Different Websites

One simple way to acquire cryptocurrency is through employment. Numerous projects are currently hiring – ranging from roles in tech support, writing, to leadership positions.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

I began amassing my first cryptocurrencies by offering my services as a freelancer on various online platforms, in exchange for coins. The key is to discover a reliable website with plenty of projects and give it your all.

Here are some of the best ones: 

    Jobs4Bitcoin – This subreddit is where I landed my first gig. Access is very simple, and you can advertise yourself freely. 
    Fiverr – The bad part about Fiverr is that the fees are a bit high, and you don’t have a way to earn crypto, but you can withdraw the earnings to Paypal and use PayPal to buy crypto. 
    Upwork – Same as Fiverr, you cannot withdraw crypto from Upwork – but you can find cryptocurrency-related jobs and use the funds you get to buy crypto 
    Anytask – On Anytask, you can earn Electroneum (ETN) only. Electroneum is a cryptocurrency created in 2017, which can also be mined. 

Similar to this one, there is another way to earn crypto.

15. Get a Job in the Crypto Industry

Over the past few years, the emergence of blockchain technology, its underlying protocols, and the burgeoning industry surrounding it have created numerous job opportunities globally.

Approximately forty thousand projects are striving for recognition.Some of these projects already have a following, while others do not. Regardless, they all require skilled individuals to assist in their journey toward success.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

And here are the best websites to find a crypto job:

  • CryptocurrencyJobs – A place where you can find the latest companies hiring. Various jobs are available, from being an intern to the Head of Product or a CMO.
  • BitcoinerJobs – What makes this platform different is the fact that it shows which companies are paying in Bitcoin.
  • Bitcointalk Marketplace – You can create a topic, post about your experience, and receive messages from interested parties. Here’s a good post.
  • Crypto.Jobs – Probably the oldest and the most awesome platform where you can get a crypto job.

Currently, the job market may not offer a large number of opportunities due to economic conditions. However, an individual possessing the necessary skills can effectively secure employment.

16. Publish Content and Get Tokens

Another great way to earn crypto is by publishing content on various platforms.

In simpler terms, decentralized blockchain platforms offer the best option for readers to donate tokens as a reward for valuable content. This means that authors earn coins by writing high-quality posts.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Let’s list some of those platforms:

  • Steemit – The oldest protocol where you can earn crypto for posting. Unfortunately, the project was acquired in the past, and the contributors are not so happy about it anymore.
  • Ecency – Decentralized social media network powered by Hive since 2016.
  • ZapRead – Zapread wants to create a social economy where the top authors, the community, the groups, and even the platform earn something. It has a big focus on Bitcoin.
  • Publish0x – One of the oldest platforms where you can post and earn crypto.

While it’s important to note that earning cryptocurrency through writing isn’t guaranteed to make you rich, it’s still a viable option worth exploring based on your writing abilities and the interests of your audience.

17. Create Nodes & Become a Validator

Setting up a new node can be quite challenging due to the need for specialized skills in managing a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and programming experience with blockchain technology.

Creating a node for a cryptocurrency project in the past could result in a significant return after maintaining it for several months.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

The best I’ve heard was around $100,000, but the regular profit is around $2,000+.

What you have to do here is:

  • Check daily for new projects appearing in the crypto world.
  • Learn their protocol and programming language if you don’t know it.
  • Set up a node, maintain it for a few months
  • Hope for the best from the project

Some projects might not succeed, and bonuses may be smaller in certain places, but with persistence and effort, you’re bound to find a successful project or receive a generous bonus.

18. Become a Testnet Hunter

In simpler terms, testnets are a newer concept in the realm of cryptocurrencies. Instead of directly using the main network, you engage with a specific protocol’s decentralized applications during this process.

In 2022, one of the widely recognized test networks that gained popularity was the Aptos blockchain. It offered a testing reward of more than $2,000 through an airdrop to participants.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

In a test network, you can experiment with the protocol by actively participating, observing its functionality, engaging in Discord discussions, identifying potential issues, and if possible, attempting staking (given that it’s an option).

The Aleph Zero testnet offered a reward of approximately $300 in AZERO monthly for those who participated in the testing process.

Many testnets likely don’t include airdrops for testers, but you don’t require cryptocurrency to participate in testing; instead, you just need to commit some of your time.

19. Be Active on Bitcointalk

Before Bitcoin gained widespread popularity, launching a petition on Bitcointalk was an original method to acquire more Bitcoins.

Some businesses may allow you to place their advertisements in your BitcoinTalk forum signature and earn cryptocurrency based on the quantity of your posts.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Certainly, not every post you make will be approved since they must adhere to the specific guidelines set by the campaign’s terms of use.

To find out more about this, you can check the following topic.

On Bitcointalk, there are various opportunities to earn cryptocurrencies. Some involve claiming bounties, providing services for businesses, or showcasing your skills on their marketplace, as previously stated.

20. Play P2E Games – Play in a Metaverse or a Virtual World and Earn Crypto

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Today, numerous play-to-earn games exist, allowing players to generate income while enjoying their favorite pastime. Here are some top picks:

  • Gods Unchained – If you’re good at Hearthstone, you’re going to love Gods unchained.
  • Splinterlands – A different type of card game that gained a lot of popularity in 2022.
  • Axie Infinity – Axie Infinity is still one of the easiest and most relaxing P2E games in 2023.
  • Illuvium – An MMORPG built in cryptocurrency
  • League of Kingdoms – An MMO Strategy game similar to Clash of Clans

There are countless additional Play-to-Earn games waiting for you to explore. Some can be accessed just with an account, whereas others demand an NFT or a deck of cards to join in.

21. Stream to Earn

A few years back, the concept of streaming to make crypto emerged. Although the market isn’t completely matured yet, there exist several streaming platforms where you can generate cryptocurrencies.

Dlive is a streaming platform that operates decentralized through blockchain technology. Broadcasters can accumulate Lemons as rewards, with each Lemon valued at 0.012$. Approximately 4250 Lemons are required to initiate a withdrawal from the platform. Additionally, you have the option to withdraw your earnings in USDT, BTT, or TRX instead.

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Twitch now permits cryptocurrency payments using Bitpay. Streamers have the option to share their cryptocurrency receiving addresses on their channels for direct crypto donations. Supported cryptos include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and numerous others.

22. Be Active on /r/Cryptocurrency

In the lively community of r/Cryptocurrency, users have the opportunity to generate income through engaging content. Whether it’s sharing insights in discussions or participating in polls, your involvement rewards you with MOONS.

An ERC-20 cryptocurrency named Moon was introduced on the Arbitrum Nova platform in the year 2020. This digital currency was established as part of a community rewards scheme.

What do you need to do?

  • Be active on /r/cryptocurrency;
  • Comment & post useful stuff – you will earn MOONs based on your karma, so don’t post useless things;
  • Vote on polls;
  • Post quality memes on /r/cryptocurrencymemes;

For the completed tasks, the earned karma will be converted into tiny quantities of MOONS. Feel free to trade these MOONS for other cryptocurrencies or choose to keep them (HODL).

23. Stake Your Cryptocurrency

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

After finishing many of the tasks mentioned earlier, you likely have earned some crypto. Now is a good opportunity for you to explore the concept of staking.

Securing a network involves keeping your tokens and accrued returns locked away at a set annual return rate, known as the APR. This is referred to as staking.

Through the process of staking your cryptocurrency, you contribute to securing the network’s functionality while gaining additional cryptocurrency as a reward. However, keep in mind that your coins will be immobilized for a specific timeframe before you begin receiving these rewards.

Staking is an effortless method to increase your cryptocurrency holdings. Yet, keep in mind that coins engaged in staking are inaccessible for transactions since they’re being held in reserve. Nevertheless, there are several types of staking, and some of them don’t require you to lock up your coins completely. For example, Lido Finance offers a user-friendly approach to staking, enabling participants to stake their tokens without the need for full lock-up.

24. Listen to Podcasts and Get Free Cryptocurrency

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

In 2023, you no longer have to choose between enjoying your favorite podcast and earning cryptocurrency. With Fountain’s new integration of Zebedee’s API, both can be part of your experience. Users will now receive small rewards in the form of Bitcoin (Satoshis) while they listen.

Among the multitude of well-known podcasts available, including Pomp Podcast, Unchained, What Bitcoin Did, and Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, not only will you broaden your understanding of protocols and cryptocurrencies, but there’s also an opportunity to earn a modest income.

25. Earn XTM Tokens by Being Active on Torum

25+ Ways to Earn Free Crypto

At Torum, users have the freedom to discuss various topics including investing, business, and everyday occurrences on this cutting-edge social media site.

On Torum platform, there exists its native token called XTM, which is tradable on various exchanges such as Kucoin, Uniswap, Huobi, and MEXC. By completing several tasks akin to quests in video games on Torum, users are rewarded with 75 units of XTM tokens upon signing up.

Having more than 240,000 members, engaging regularly on Torn and accomplishing daily tasks could generate some additional earnings for you.

26. Participate in Giveaways

In the crypto world, numerous new initiatives generate buzz by conducting giveaways. Crypto businesses invest substantial sums in these activities, aiming to expand their follower base across multiple platforms.

Engaging in giveaways is similar to having a full-time occupation, just like trading. With numerous giveaways taking place every minute, there are often quite a few that require some effort from participants.

“Additionally, not all giveaways may yield returns, which means you could invest your time without success. There isn’t a set procedure for participating in giveaways; however, many projects utilize Twitter due to its accessibility and widespread usage among crypto enthusiasts.”

The amount of earnings you can achieve depends on your fortune and the number of contests or giveaways you enter. For those with ample free time seeking engaging activities, this could be an option to consider.

27. Earn by Driving with DIMO

Another noteworthy initiative, DIMO, emerged in 2022. As stated on their website, they position themselves as “a user-controlled digital platform leading the charge for innovation.” However, there’s a catch: to join, you must make an initial investment of $300. Over time, this investment could generate a steady income.

With DIMO’s AutoPi miner, you can gain essential insights about your vehicle’s brand compatibility, health condition, and even private location tracking. This data is conveniently transmitted to your DIMO application. What makes it truly remarkable, though, is the DIMO Rewards feature.

Driving and sharing Data from Your Instant Issuance (DIMO) card can earn you rewards and generate additional income for yourself.


There are many, many ways to earn cryptocurrency for free or to work for those assets.

Based on what you’re passionate about and the amount of time you’re able to dedicate, as well as your objectives, everything significantly impacts your choices. Yet, we’re confident that you’ll discover an alternative that aligns with your tastes.

Be sure to check back on this article regularly, as we plan to make weekly updates. Additionally, sign up for Coindoo’s newsletter to gain access to exclusive methods for earning cryptocurrency.

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