Binance drops Bitcoin Ordinals, medical tourism in the metaverse: Nifty Newsletter

This week’s newsletter brings you the following stories: Binance‘s NFT division announces the termination of support for Bitcoin Ordinals. Keep an eye out for Dogecoin Ordinals Runestones that have been distributed as airdrops. Hear Franklin Templeton’s perspective on Bitcoin NFTs. In other developments, the metaverse is poised to transform medical tourism. Lastly, don’t miss this week’s Nifty News where Doodles NFT collection partners with Lil Wayne for an animated film project featuring a skeleton version of the rapper.

Binance ends support for Bitcoin Ordinals

Starting from April 4, Binance no longer provides assistance for Bitcoin NFT transactions and deposits through their platform. This decision is part of Binance’s initiative to simplify the range of services they offer.

Starting from April 11, the exchange announced that it will no longer distribute Bitcoin NFT airdrops or provide related utilities. Additionally, users are encouraged to remove their Bitcoin NFTs from the marketplace by May 18.

Dogecoiners clone hyped Bitcoin Ordinals “Runestone” airdrop

In March, Dogecoin NFT supporters distributed their version of Runestones through a giveaway akin to Bitcoin Ordinals. Over 30,000 Doge Runestones were transferred to wallets that contained at least one Doginal – Dogecoin’s Ordinals protocol token.

In March, the Doge Runestones airdrop followed the trend set by the Bitcoin Runestone distribution. Through a community initiative, 112,000 Runestones were allocated as rewards for those who had embraced the protocol early on.

Ordinals drive “positive momentum” in Bitcoin innovation — Franklin Templeton

Franklin Templeton, in a recent investor update, introduced their clients to Bitcoin Ordinals and expressed how this new protocol has brought about a significant surge in Bitcoin network activity. Furthermore, they emphasized the role of Bitcoin Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in fostering advancements and progress in Bitcoin technology.

The asset manager expressed optimism about Ordinals but cautioned investors about potential risks involved with the protocol.

Nifty News: LA’s Bored Ape lovers go hungry, Bitcoiners sell $500 Game Boy dupe and more

The upcoming animation film of Doodles NFTs, which will feature Lil Wayne’s voice acting, is set to deliver an immersive storyline starting April 5 via unique “digital collecting experiences.”)

Over the past five weeks, the total volume of NFT sales across all blockchains has decreased, following a peak in sales volume achieved in March this year.

Thanks for reading this digest of the week’s most notable developments in the NFT space. Come again next Wednesday for more reports and insights into this actively evolving space.

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2024-04-10 22:05