Bitcoin FilmFest: Lights, camera, halving as Bitcoin cinema hits Warsaw

Bitcoins enthusiasts converged in Warsaw, Poland from the 18th to the 21st of April for a packed schedule that included screenings, socializing, interactive sessions, and the highly anticipated Bitcoin halving event.

In the second installment of the Bitcoin FilmFest, which caters to families, various film debuts and showcases took place. One of these presentations featured a biopic about Carl Menger, an Austrian economist considered the founder of the Austrian school of economics and known as “Bitcoin’s grandfather.” Other films included “Gods of Their Own Religion,” a cautionary tale set in a future city under the control of a technocratic regime, and “Dirty Coin,” which tackles common misconceptions about Bitcoin and its association with energy waste and illicit activities.

Bitcoin FilmFest: Lights, camera, halving as Bitcoin cinema hits Warsaw

The festival was held at Warsaw’s iconic Palace of Culture and Science, an impressive example of Stalinist-Gothic architecture, affectionately referred to as “Stalin’s Palace” by locals. This architectural masterpiece serves as a poignant reminder of Poland’s complex past, having endured more than five decades of oppressive communist rule.

The palace represents the grandeur and propaganda of the Soviet era – constructed in the heart of war-ravaged Warsaw after its residents endured immense hardships following World War II. A testament to statism, it’s no surprise that this iconic landmark now serves as a venue for an educational event about Bitcoin and fostering a decentralized economy beyond the reach of government-controlled fiat currency systems.

Bitcoin FilmFest: Lights, camera, halving as Bitcoin cinema hits Warsaw

During the celebration, the documentary “My Trust in You is Shattered” was shown, bringing attention to the risks of relying on intermediaries and detailing the journey towards decentralization. Nicola Dorier’s pivotal part in this movement, particularly his creation of the BTCPay Server, significantly advanced Bitcoin adoption globally.

Additionally, there were brief films and small documentaries, including “Lekker Feeling,” which unfolded in Mossel Bay, South Africa. Here, Bitcoin Ekasi, an organization, teamed up with a nearby surfing community to generate fresh prospects using Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin FilmFest’s co-founder, Tomek Kolodziejczuk, shared with CryptoMoon that the festival has grown to encompass topics beyond just Bitcoin documentaries.

“Most Bitcoiners say The Matrix is a Bitcoiner movie. But then, what is a Bitcoiner movie? That’s a big debate, right? Is it just a film that includes Bitcoin, or maybe a film that has nothing to do with Bitcoin but was crowdfunded with Bitcoin? Or maybe it’s a film that somehow aligns with Bitcoin’s values of decentralization, autonomy and independence, like maybe a movie that is anti-system, right?”

The event offered various satellite meetings, networking sessions, and entertaining activities for everyone, even children. Every morning during the festival, there was an “Amondo session.” This featured a kids’ cinema gathering and interactive workshops for young people. On April 21st, there was a special event called “Cartoonfest.” It showcased a selection of short films and cartoons designed for kids, with stories centered around Bitcoin and sound economic concepts.

Buying flats with sats

An example of a parallel event was “Sats4Flats,” an exclusive gathering for Bitcoin enthusiasts and real estate experts. Here, attendees engaged in dialogues regarding Bitcoin, the real estate sector, and tokenization. They also exchanged information about potential real estate investments and collectively explored methods to acquire properties using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin FilmFest: Lights, camera, halving as Bitcoin cinema hits Warsaw

At the Sats4Flats event in Poland, a fresh Bitcoin real estate community was debuted, complete with presentations from esteemed guests. Maciej Kordala, founder of Sats4Flats, unveiled this new endeavor, explaining its goal to pique the interest of investors and developers within the conventional Polish property market.

Tick tock, next block

An intriguing aspect of last weekend was the Bitcoin halving – a quadrennial occurrence that reduces by half the rewards given to miners for adding new blocks to the Bitcoin network. This process underscores Bitcoin’s inherent scarcity and, in the long term, deflationary nature. The celebration of this significant event was marked with a “European Halving Party,” where participants gathered to commemorate the halving during the early hours of April 20th.

This year’s Bitcoin halving occurred during a period of heightened enthusiasm within the Bitcoin community, fueled by recent successes. In January, the US Securities and Exchange Commission gave the green light for spot Bitcoin ETFs in America, leading to a fresh record high of over $73,000 for Bitcoin. Amidst this excitement, however, the broader economic landscape remains volatile and uncertain.

Bitcoin FilmFest: Lights, camera, halving as Bitcoin cinema hits Warsaw

At the recent Bitcoin event, several attendees expressed their concerns to CryptoMoon about the current system being flawed. One individual recounted how Bitcoin had helped him amass wealth in a “dysfunctional system that no longer benefits the ordinary citizen.” This sentiment was prevalent among the attendees. Kolodziejczuk added, “This issue makes people wonder if there’s something amiss with the system. And in pondering this question, they begin to scrutinize the fiat structures and systems, ultimately leading them to Bitcoin.”

Kolodziejczuk shared that their ultimate goal is to expand and establish a Bitcoin community. He mentioned that the Bitcoin FilmFest will continue in Warsaw and there’s still room for growth, especially within the traditional film industry. The team is working on connecting Hollywood or established filmmakers with the Bitcoin world by facilitating networking between producers, investors, and actors.

“With each next edition, it will be more for filmmakers who are interested in Bitcoin. This is the boiling pot of what fosters the growth of Bitcoin cinema that happens in Warsaw, and let’s continue. It’s just the second edition, right? But the plan is definitely long-term.”

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