Crypto community triumphs: Token2049 attendees brave Dubai storms

In spite of the challenges encountered by cryptocurrency enthusiasts who traveled to the United Arab Emirates for the Token2049 conference, the turnout of determined attendees left conference organizers astonished.

Crypto community triumphs: Token2049 attendees brave Dubai storms

On April 18, the attendees encountered obstructed roads and difficulties sufficient to discourage many from continuing their trip and leaving the country instead.

Some leaders in the space, who were supposed to be interviewed by CryptoMoon, found themselves stranded at various airports and unfortunately had to cancel their trips due to unforeseen circumstances.

Due to the storm, Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino’s plane was prevented from landing, causing him to endure an additional two-hour wait on board. In his own words, “I consider myself quite fortunate as I merely experienced a delay of two hours up in the air.”

Despite the large turnout at the event, Ardoino was thankful for the dedication and commitment of the crypto community members he encountered. He commented:

“It’s a good sign that this industry is made by people who are willing always to gather, to discuss and keep pushing the industry forward. I’m grateful to see many people around.”

Emin Gün Sirer, founder of Ava Labs, likewise discussed the hurdles encountered by his team during their participation in the event.

He shared that reaching this place was incredibly challenging for us. We found ourselves in the midst of the most severe storm during our landing, which normally takes only 20 minutes but instead lasted an extended five hours.

Crypto community triumphs: Token2049 attendees brave Dubai storms

Despite this, Sirer believes that coming was the right choice and that it was worth it. He said:

“We ended up going through a lot of water. My luggage and clothes were wet, but it was so worth it because the energy I see in the room right now is amazing.”

At the event, most people encountered their own challenges. Surprisingly, the Team Token2049 had to halt registration midway through Day 1 due to selling out of tickets.

At the crypto event, attendees participated in a range of engaging activities. These included informative presentations about different projects, opportunities to explore booths showcasing various initiatives, and ample chances for meaningful connections through networking.

In the end, despite the historic difficulties that made it challenging for the crypto community to attend, they displayed great determination and bounce-backability.

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2024-04-19 16:54