DAO acquires rights to the image behind the Doge meme

The DAO connected to Doge, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization representing the Shiba Inu meme linked to Dogecoin (DOGE), declared they obtained the legal ownership of the renowned image.

On April 17, John Monarch and ‘Tridog’ from Own The Doge project had an interaction with CryptoMoon. They revealed that they had successfully negotiated a deal with Sato Atsuko, who owns the famous 18-year-old Shiba Inu Kabosu known for her amusing expression while relaxing on a couch. By acquiring exclusive licensing and rights, the group now holds significant power in regulating merchandise production and other applications of the Doge meme within the crypto community.

According to Tridog, the deal clarifies many aspects of copyright law that have left corporations perplexed.

With greater definition concerning the ownership of the Doge’s image, particularly as it had been a seemingly open-ended situation for quite some time, the project saw potential for collaborations between Doge and major brands. Approximately three years ago, they initiated contact with Sato, eventually finalizing an agreement to acquire the rights to Kabosu’s image through the assistance of legal advisors in both Japan and the United States.

DAO acquires rights to the image behind the Doge meme

With Sato and others, our team has produced a documentary about the background of Doge and how its representation has changed within and outside the cryptocurrency realm. Tridog clarified that we don’t intend to assert copyright ownership over users or brands who have adopted the image to promote their “making the world a better place every day” message.

Monarch expressed his desire to bring together the entire Doge community, explaining, “We believe that Dogecoin and related areas, such as NFTs and memes, have often felt disconnected … It’s about merging all these elements under a single shared cultural identity.”

The origin of the Doge image can be traced back to 2010 when Sato accidentally captured a photo of Kabosu lounging on a yellow sofa in her Japanese house. Monarch claimed he was the pioneer of using the name ‘Doge’ on social media, which subsequently sparked more memes, the creation of Dogecoin cryptocurrency, and an assortment of merchandise themed around crypto.

Tridog expressed that acquiring the licensing rights would not affect the Dogecoin Foundation or the meme token, as they both still employ the image. Kabosu, who is a dog, will turn 19 on November 2nd in Japan, where she’ll have a birthday celebration. Despite her age, there’s room for improvement – the oldest Shiba Inu lived beyond 26 years.

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2024-04-18 23:19