DFINITY launches web3 accelerator platform on the Internet Computer

The DFINITY Foundation, a Swiss-based, non-profit group that significantly supports the development of the Internet Computer blockchain, unveiled the Olympus Acceleration Platform.

In a recent announcement, Olympus is identified as the initial decentralized, on-chain web3 accelerator, as stated in a press release. DFINITY describes it as a trailblazing platform, intended for teams globally to manage and initiate their individual accelerator programs.

The foundation points to Olympus’ “Open Stake” model as a key differentiator, allowing projects, mentors, and investors to engage freely and fostering an open ecosystem with unrestricted connections and inclusivity for all participants.

Dominic Williams, the Founder and Head Scientist at DFINITY Foundation, characterized the platform as “globally accessible to all” in his statement.

“By creating a web3-based global platform for everyone, we’re able to bring together top talent, projects, investors, and mentors to create a credible and trustless marketplace offering equal opportunity and access to all qualified projects. Traditional accelerator programs are permissioned and operate as silos, many are also not sustainable and rely on grants. Olympus is a new model.”

According to DFINITY, the new platform is expected to include a “self-verifying loop” for on-chain measurement of crucial project milestones, facilitated by the Internet Computer Protocol’s infrastructure.

The Internet Computer is a decentralized computing system where software runs directly on the internet, utilizing blockchain technology. Supporters of this platform aspire to make the internet’s infrastructure more accessible and equal by promoting an “open and inclusive digital environment.”

Olympus was created with the backing of Web3Labs, a Hong Kong-based blockchain incubator, and guidance from investors and partners at various venture capital firms such as Fenbushi Capital, Fundamental Labs, Softbank Vision Fund, NewTribe Capital, Cypher Capital, Bitcoin Frontier Fund, Summer Ventures, L2IV, Dext Force Ventures, Leadblock Partners, viaBTC Capital, Cipholio Ventures, Chiron Group, 3X Capital, and Plutus.VC.

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2024-04-09 21:42