El Salvador: Hackers leak code of state Bitcoin wallet

The story of El Salvador’s government-run Bitcoin (BTC) wallet, Chivo, keeps developing as hackers reveal additional confidential details about the digital wallet.

On April 23, a portion of the coding used by the cyber intelligence hacking collective called CiberInteligenciaSV was made public on the illicit hacking platform BreachForums.

“This time, I’m sharing with you the code from the Bitcoin Chivo Wallet ATMs in El Salvador. Please note that this is a government wallet, and as previously stated, we don’t sell information but publish it for free for your use.”

El Salvador: Hackers leak code of state Bitcoin wallet

After a string of cyberattacks linked to Chivo, over 5.1 million Salvadoran adults had their personal information made publicly available as reported in early April.

On April 22, VenariX, a cybersecurity initiative based locally, used their platform to alert the general population of an imminent data leak. They pointed to a specific Telegram channel run by CiberInteligenciaSV as the source of this information, where it was announced that the source code would be made public.

This evening, CiberInteligenciaSV will make available for free, part of the Chivo Wallet’s source code and VPN access as promised. However, a reminder: this is open to the public unless there are any inquiries from government agencies.

CiberInteligenciaSV released a file named Codigo.rar, containing both code snippets and VPN access details for the Chivo Wallet ATM system.

Beginning in September 2021, El Salvador marked a global first by making Bitcoin an accepted form of currency, with the government endorsing Chivo as the national Bitcoin wallet for its populace. This user-friendly platform facilitates buying, selling, and storing Bitcoin, while also enabling withdrawals from Bitcoin Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

Users encountered numerous issues and reported bugs and technical difficulties right from the beginning when using the Chivo digital wallet.

Although news broke in early April about a possible data breach affecting Chivo, the Salvadoran authorities have yet to address or comment on the matter.

Based on industry publications, there’s been no clear communication from El Salvador’s government regarding the reported hack, adding to the perplexity surrounding the incident.

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2024-04-23 17:49