Four things Google Gemini users will be able to do soon

As a seasoned crypto investor with a deep interest in technology and artificial intelligence, I’m thrilled about Google’s integration of its AI model, Gemini, into their products. This move is not only significant for Google but also for the broader tech industry, as it showcases the potential of large language models like Gemini to revolutionize user experiences.

Google’s advanced artificial intelligence system, Gemini, is being integrated deeply into many of Google’s technologies. In the near future, users will notice its presence in Gmail, YouTube, and Google’s smartphones.

At the I/O 2024 developer conference held on May 14, CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled where we can expect to find the company’s AI model in the near future.

During his 110-minute keynote speech at Gemini’s launch event, Pichai emphasized artificial intelligence (AI) a total of 121 times, making it the focal point of his discussion.

Google is integrating its large language model (LLM) into nearly all its products such as Android, Search, and Gmail. Here’s a look at what users can anticipate moving forward.

Four things Google Gemini users will be able to do soon

App interactions

In the upcoming enhancement, Gemini will gain a deeper understanding of context by allowing users to engage with various applications. Users can soon invoke Gemini to execute tasks like inserting an artificially intelligent image into a message by simply dragging and dropping it.

As a researcher studying video platforms, I can suggest an alternative way of explaining YouTube’s “Ask this video” feature. Instead of saying “YouTube users will also be able to tap ‘Ask this video’,” I would paraphrase it as “Users can now interactively query the AI to retrieve particular information directly from a YouTube video by using the ‘Ask this video’ function.”

Gemini in Gmail

Gmail, Google’s email service, is set to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) through a new feature called Gemini. This enhancement allows users to effortlessly search for emails, generate summaries of received messages, and draft responses with ease.

As a crypto investor, I can tell you that there are some advanced tools available that can help manage my email inbox effectively. One of these features is an AI assistant capable of handling more intricate tasks, such as facilitating e-commerce return processes. This assistant would be able to scan my email inbox, locate the relevant emails, retrieve attached receipts, and fill out online forms on my behalf. By automating these repetitive tasks, I can focus on more pressing investment matters.

Gemini Live

As a researcher studying advanced AI technologies, I’m excited to share that Google has recently introduced an innovative feature called “Gemini Live.” With this experience, users can engage in more comprehensive and conversational voice interactions with the AI directly on their mobile devices.

A chatbot I’m describing is capable of being paused during its response for further clarification from the user. It has the ability to adjust to users’ speech rhythms in real-time. Furthermore, this chatbot is equipped with features that allow it to perceive and react to physical surroundings. This can be done through images or videos captured on the device.

Four things Google Gemini users will be able to do soon

Multimodal advancements

Google is in the process of creating advanced artificial intelligence (AI) entities capable of reasoning, making plans, and accomplishing intricate multi-step jobs for users with supervision. These AI systems are multimodal, allowing them to work with various types of data such as images, audio, and videos beyond just text.

Examples and early use cases include automating shopping returns and exploring a new city.

As a crypto investor, I’m excited about the upcoming advancements to the firm’s AI model. One of these improvements includes integrating Gemini more deeply into the Android mobile operating system, effectively replacing Google Assistant for certain functions. This means smoother and more seamless interactions with my cryptocurrency investments using the Gemini platform directly on my Android device.

As a crypto investor and avid user of Gemini’s platform, I’m excited about the new “Ask Photos” feature that enables me to search my photo library using natural language queries. With this innovative tool, I can ask it to find specific photos based on context, objects, or people. It even summarizes photo memories in response to my questions, making it easier for me to relive cherished moments and locate important images effortlessly.

One possibility: Google Maps will display summarized information about locations and regions, derived from its mapping data, as AI-generated descriptions.

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