Here’s where you can catch the Bitcoin halving live

In approximately two days, Bitcoin (BTC) will experience its fourth halving event: this significant milestone occurs when the number of completed blocks in the Bitcoin network reaches 840,000 on April 20th.

At crypto exchanges, among influencers, podcast hosts, and beyond, live occasions are emerging globally for Bitcoin enthusiasts to commemorate a significant event. Some believe this could mark the beginning of another cryptocurrency market boom.

Bitcoin mining rewards get slashed in half at this event, from 6.25 Bitcoins to 3.125 Bitcoins per block. This built-in mechanism gradually decreases Bitcoin’s inflation rate until its total supply reaches the capped limit of 21 million Bitcoons.

Bitcoin halving livestreams

If you’d like to reflect on the past four years with other Bitcoin enthusiasts, check out BITC0IN’s Discord and YouTube channel. With over 68,700 subscribers, these platforms offer a vibrant community for sharing insights and experiences.

At the upcoming event, different Bitcoin enthusiasts will have an opportunity to share their thoughts as the virtual microphone is circulated among team members. This open forum welcomes participation from everyone in attendance. Additionally, poker games will be taking place concurrently, according to a recent announcement made by several Bitcoin volunteers on Reddit.

Crypto traders are organizing exclusive online events for those willing to request an invitation via direct messages. One such trader, Oliver Velez, announced he’s hosting a private Bitcoin halving party with 2,000 attendees, scheduled just 6 blocks before the 840,000 block is reached, approximately an hour prior to the halving event itself.

Here’s where you can catch the Bitcoin halving live

If you’re having trouble accessing that, consider checking out Kraken’s popular Bitcoin Halving livestream instead. Notable Bitcoin figures like Dave Portnoy, Jack Mallers, Dylan LeClair, Anthony Pompliano, and Pete Rizzo are among its guests.

The Filipino Bitcoin payment application, Pouch, is organizing an online celebration for the upcoming Bitcoin halving. They are inviting Bitcoin users to extend invitations to their contacts, urging them to learn about Bitcoin and its potential benefits (being “orange-pilled” refers to becoming aware and supportive of Bitcoin).

On the homepage, CryptoMoon offers a straightforward countdown for those who prefer a more basic approach.

If you’re excited about seeing the mining of the 840,000th block and aren’t bothered by frequently updating a webpage, consider checking out sites like BTCScan or Blockstream on your browser.

Scattered across the globe are a handful of events where physics related to cryptocurrency’s halving process are explored. Notable among these are an occasion in Switzerland, organized by Bitcoin Suisse’s founder, and another in Brisbane, Australia, which is backed by Binance.

What will happen after the Bitcoin halving? 

Not a lot, at least immediately, according to analysts, 

According to Karl Mohan, the Asia and Pacific manager at, the upcoming event is unlikely to cause a significant immediate effect on Bitcoin. Instead, investors would be wise to take a more long-term view and wait until the end of this year before fully assessing its impact.

“It is unlikely for it to have immediate direct impact from day one, but over the next six months we do believe this will create bullish foundations for Bitcoin; we’ve seen it in the past cycles, and we believe this cycle is going to play out the same way.”

Some experts advise investors not to worry too much about Bitcoin’s (BTC) price fluctuations in the short term, but rather keep their focus on the long-term perspective.

“When it comes to Bitcoin’s price, I usually advise taking a step back and considering a long-term investment perspective.” – Natalie Brunell shared with CryptoMoon prior to the halving event.

During such periods, there’s often heightened anticipation that causes price fluctuations, becoming more pronounced just before and following the event.

Here’s where you can catch the Bitcoin halving live

After undergoing a halving in May 2020, according to CoinMarketCap’s information, Bitcoin‘s price dipped by 5% one month later. However, it then soared by approximately 180% by the end of the year.

Bitcoin owners who hold large amounts of the cryptocurrency are predicted by industry experts to offload some of their stash following the Bitcoin halving event.

Ben Simpson, the CEO of Collective Shift, expects another price drop for Bitcoin following the halving event, reminiscent of the market reaction when the Bitcoin ETF news was unveiled in January this year.

It took only 11 days after the approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs for the cryptocurrency’s price to drop by approximately 15%.

“According to Simpson, this situation resembled a market phenomenon where investors buy an asset in anticipation of good news, only to sell it once the news is announced, which he believes will occur here as well.”

Mohan shared an opinion consistent with historical trends, indicating that the market may buy cryptocurrencies in anticipation of a halving event but later sell them after the event occurs.

Mohan explained to CryptoMoon that price instability in the short term is likely to stabilize, as this has been a recurring pattern during previous market cycles. This trend is evident and should be expected.

Gracy Chen, Bitget’s managing director, noted in a comment on CryptoMoon that this Bitcoin halving is distinct from past ones because of the significant advancements in the cryptocurrency market since the last cycle.

“Chen noted that changing regulations and new technologies make this cycle unique. Furthermore, a strong global economy and the approval of Bitcoin ETFs recently have improved investor confidence,” is one way to paraphrase the original statement.

Chen anticipates Bitcoin reaching a six-figure price tag, possibly as early as next year.

Moving forward after 2024, Bitcoin’s value could exceed $100,000 due to improved regulations, groundbreaking technology, and beneficial economic circumstances, according to her prediction.

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