Man City & OKX release limited edition jerseys tied to rare NFTs

Manchester City, a leading football team in the Premier League, is introducing a fresh NFT (non-fungible token) series. This innovative collection grants fortunate fans exclusive opportunities to secure rare jerseys and coveted matchday perks.

In their newest collaboration, the “Unseen City Shirts” campaign represents an ongoing alliance between the campaign and cryptocurrency exchange OKX. Through the OKX app, users can create unique digital collectibles, referred to as NFTs, with a rareness factor that increases their chances of obtaining exclusive, redesigned football shirts as rewards.

Man City & OKX release limited edition jerseys tied to rare NFTs

I. In an exclusive interview, CryptoMoon talked with OKX CMO Haider Rafique and Manchester City’s Chief Marketing and Fan Experience Officer Nuria Tarré about the specifics of their latest marketing campaign.

Christian Jeffrey, a skilled artist, has personally painted the unique designs on our modest assortment of jerseys. These captivating designs showcase both the Lancashire rose and Manchester’s iconic worker bee emblems.

Rafique describes how the scarcity of NFTs is calculated through an algorithmic process. Obtaining five exceptionally rare NFTs grants you the opportunity to participate in a play-on-pitch session, as well as two tickets for a Manchester City football game and an exclusive limited-edition City jersey.

Man City & OKX release limited edition jerseys tied to rare NFTs

Five more exclusive NFTs are up for grabs: a stadium tour, a hospitality ticket, and a unique “Roses and Bees” jersey design. Mint these NFTs for free on the OKX Marketplace. (or)

Nuria stated that the NFT launch is aligned with Manchester City’s plan to engage “tech-forward, open-minded fans who enjoy novel tech concepts.” Additionally, this venture represents an exciting new avenue for the club to offer digital ownership to its supporters. According to Tarré, this is the explanation.

“We think it’s important that you can own this piece digitally. I think that’s one of the beauties of Web3. It changes the ownership process.”

Man City’s Chief Marketing Officer, Tarré, expressed that the soccer club will keep investigating the potential uses of Web3 technology, not just through their collaboration with OKX, but also via other means. Previously, the team has been proactive in testing out new technologies within Web2 and metaverse platforms.

In the final months of 2022, Manchester City entered the realm of Roblox. According to Tarré, Web3 spaces were described as the most advanced and captivating areas.

“Technology keeps on evolving and applications keep on evolving. You can add layers of sophistication, creation, and co-creation. We’re definitely willing to explore further.”

More recently, Rafique has played a significant role in OKX’s high-profile collaborations with Manchester City and McLaren’s Formula 1 team. The aim is to discover innovative marketing strategies and reach out to the large fan bases connected with these renowned sports entities.

The OKX CMO shared that over the past three years, they’ve focused on building a strong foundation for serving both sports enthusiasts and Web3 users. Their initial efforts include linking basic NFTs to tangible items, which forms the basis for more complex utility-driven ecosystems. According to Rafique:

“I don’t think it’s a lack of intention. I think it’s a lack of product and technology infrastructure, which will come as the industry progresses and as our partnership progresses.”

In March 2022, OKX initiated its partnership with Manchester City. Later, for the 2022-2023 season, they were named as the club’s official training kit providers. Then, in a new long-term contract signed in June 2023, OKX secured the role of Manchester City’s sleeve sponsor.

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