Manchester City to release digital collectibles through multi-year partnership with Quidd

Manchester City Football Club, part of England’s Premier League, is teaming up with Quidd, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, for several years, to create and introduce digital collectibles along with fresh promotions and unique fan interactions.

Quidd will produce and unveil exclusive digital merchandise, such as collectible cards, granting access to genuine world activities.

In a recent blog post, Tom Boyle, the Vice-President of Global Partnerships Marketing and Operations at City Football Group, announced a new collaboration.

“We’re excited to help transform the traditional football pastime of cards and collectibles in a new digital age alongside Quidd, enabling us to further connect with our fans across the globe. We look forward to working together on creating new digital experiences and games for our fans to enjoy.”

Starting May 2, the initial collaboration product will be available as a set of customized digital player cards numbering 200. These cards can be obtained or bought by the first 10,000 Man City fans, who will be rewarded with two additional “For the Fans” packs.

Manchester City fans who earn digital perks by opening Quidd packs can additionally join physical activities and buy merchandise and hospitality deals. They might even get unique chances, such as attending a private training session with the professional team at City Football Academy.

Manchester City to release digital collectibles through multi-year partnership with Quidd

Recently, Man City made its entry into the NFT world with the introduction of “Unseen City Shirts” NFT collection on OKX blockchain on April 22, as reported by CryptoMoon. Each NFT comes with a limited-edition jersey, uniquely adorned with hand-painted artwork, available in a restricted quantity.

In collaboration with Sony since 2022, the club has been working on creating a virtual representation of Etihad Stadium, which is Man City’s renowned home ground, believed to be the first authorized football stadium constructed within the metaverse.

In the meantime, some other football clubs are looking to cryptocurrency as part of their long-term plans. The Winklevoss twins have recently invested $4.5 million in Bitcoin podcast host Peter McCormack’s Real Bedford Football Club, which will be held in a Bitcoin treasury. Clearly, they are optimistic about the potential of Bitcoin and the club’s possibility of reaching the Premier League in the future.

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2024-04-24 23:48