Microsoft AI to make long-term investments in the UK — CEO

Microsoft’s AI division is deeply invested in the UK’s future by establishing a new AI center in London.

In a recent blog entry, Microsoft’s AI executive vice president and CEO, Mustafa Suleyman, announced their commitment to making significant, ongoing investments in the area.

“There is an enormous pool of AI talent and expertise in the U.K., and Microsoft AI plans to make a significant, long-term investment in the region as we begin hiring the best AI scientists and engineers into this new AI hub.”

The executive has announced their plan to bring on board “dedicated trailblazers” in the upcoming weeks and months, who are eager to help achieve their objectives. According to Suleyman, these new team members will tackle some of the most intriguing and complex AI problems facing us today.

On March 19, Microsoft appointed Suleyman as both CEO and executive vice president to oversee their AI projects. Notably, Suleyman is the co-founder of DeepMind, a pioneering artificial intelligence company that was purchased by Google back in 2014.

Suleyman made this announcement as he unveiled plans for a new AI center in the U.K. The primary objective of this center is to make significant strides in the development of advanced AI language models and their supporting technology.

Furthermore, we would develop tools for base models and work closely with their AI departments worldwide, including our partnerships such as OpenAI.

The community warmly welcomed this new development, with Neil Cameron from X referring to it as a significant triumph for the ecological system in the United Kingdom.

Microsoft AI to make long-term investments in the UK — CEO

Tom Tugendhat, a British parliament member, expressed that the U.K.’s selection as a host for major AI projects signifies faith in its status as a leading international hub for artificial intelligence.

Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has expressed enthusiasm for artificial intelligence (AI) and believes it could be a significant part of his tenure in office. During a speech on October 26th, Sunak articulated his faith in AI‘s capabilities. He stated: “I am convinced that artificial intelligence will play a pivotal role in my time as prime minister. I believe in its potential to transform our society for the better.”

“I genuinely believe that technologies like AI will bring a transformation as far-reaching as the industrial revolution, the coming of electricity, or the birth of the internet.”

In addition to the U.K., Canada is also receiving a significant investment to strengthen its artificial intelligence (AI) industry. On April 7, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a CAD $1.76 billion budget to support the growth of its AI sector and keep pace with international advancements in this field.

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2024-04-09 10:56