Ethereum outdone! Tron’s $110B USDT transfer sets new highs as…

USDT’s reserves on Tron accounted for more than 52% of its total circulating supply. USDT and Tron have gained notoriety in the past for links to terrorism. TRX (Tron) firmly established itself as the preferred blockchain for conducting transactions with USDT, the globally popular stablecoin. Tron and USDT: Match made in heaven? Last week, over … Read more

Ethereum’s Pectra upgrade to make normal wallets ‘smart’ and improve UX

The anticipated Pectra update for Ethereum, scheduled around the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025, introduces enhanced functionalities and improved user experiences (UX) for crypto wallets. EIP-3074, a proposal for enhancing Ethereum, was given the green light for implementation in the upcoming release. With this change, regular crypto wallets will acquire smart contract capabilities. … Read more