Paris 2024 Employs Conventional Ticketing Despite Initial Crypto Discussions

Paris 2024 Employs Conventional Ticketing Despite Initial Crypto Discussions

In 2022, there was excitement within the cryptocurrency community as French officials explored the possibility of using blockchain technology for ticketing to the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. This move came about in response to security concerns surrounding counterfeit tickets that surfaced during the Champions League final that year.

In the past, Tony Estanguet, head of the Paris Organizing Committee, stressed the importance of utilizing local knowledge for the development of the new system. More recently, Michel Cadot, in charge of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games on behalf of the French government, presented a comprehensive report detailing their proposed blockchain implementation.

The report contained tickets that couldn’t be transferred, protected by a digital barrier. You could only use them by scanning the QR codes, after which they would dissolve. This technology is set for implementation during the 2023 Rugby World Cup and has already been employed in significant French sporting occasions.

This move would mirror UPCX’s involvement in the World Aquatics Championships in Doha from February 2-18, 2024. The open-source payment system developer on a high-speed blockchain sealed the deal as the official blockchain payment sponsor for the event. In the same spirit, India’s Olympic Committee rewarded digital assets to medalists from the Tokyo Olympics through blockchain.

Moving on to this year’s events, there has been no more debate about incorporating blockchain technology into the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. The organizers have initiated ticket sales in a more traditional manner. You won’t find any mention of cryptocurrency as a payment option on their official website.

Despite giving the impression that the event is devoid of contemporary innovations, this is far from the truth. French IT firm Atos plays a pivotal role in managing various aspects of the event such as accreditation, results, athlete entries, schedules, workforce, and IOC Athletes’ Commission voting. Additionally, they powered Paris 2024’s volunteer portal. Atos has been a tech provider for the Olympics since 1989 and currently holds the position of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s lead integrator.

During the European Games, Atos displayed their technological advancements, featuring custom video services and Blockchain NFT medals. Yet, Atos’s blockchain expertise will not take center stage at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Paris 2024 ticket sales

The Olympic Games are set to take place from July 26 to August 11. More than 750 sessions in 32 different sports and 329 specific events will be held during this period. Unlike previous years, there will be no COVID-19 restrictions in place, allowing family members of athletes and spectators to attend freely.

Approximately 10 million tickets in total are up for grabs, with around 3 million earmarked for the Paralympics. You can secure your tickets through a solitary authorized website. Visa serves as the preferred payment solution, yet other options like credit cards and UnionPay are also valid choices.

Approximately 750 sessions spread throughout 32 different sports are included in the ticket coverage, amounting to a grand total of 329 events. The nature of each session can differ based on the specific sport; for instance, handball may consist of matches while swimming could involve qualification rounds. Newcomer breakdancing has been added to the roster, but baseball and karate will not be featured this time.

The cost of tickets begins at 24 euros, while medal sessions can go as high as 990 euros. The opening ceremony tickets with prime views of the Eiffel Tower have already been purchased, leaving only a limited number for sale at 2,700 euros. Swimming and gymnastics events, which are in great demand, are no longer available for regular purchase and can now only be accessed through hospitality packages.

Organizers justify expensive ticket prices to cover the event’s expenses, as over 6.5 million tickets out of a total 8 million have been purchased by the public. Although some people criticized pricy gymnastics tickets at €690 and tennis passes at €130, only about one in every twenty tickets exceeded €400 in cost.

Criticizing the high costs, some athletes, including Amandine Buchard, voiced their concerns. However, organizers reassured them that family members would be given complimentary tickets. The Interior Ministry is distributing hundreds of thousands of free opening ceremony tickets, while paying guests will pay between €80 and €2,700.

Based on a recent article in the Gulf News, approximately 250,000 additional tickets will be made available for purchase starting April 17. Yet, event officials strongly recommend prompt buying given the significant interest.

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