Sam Altman pushes ChatGPT mass adoption among Fortune 500 companies: Report

According to a reliable source, OpenAI, well-known for its widely used AI chat tool ChatGPT, is now actively approaching Fortune 500 businesses with their service offerings.

According to a Reuters report published on April 12, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, and Brad Lightcap, its COO, held meetings with numerous top-level executives from prominent companies in San Francisco, New York, and London.

OpenAI presented the core themes of their business solutions, featuring ChatGPT Enterprise – an advanced corporate chatbot solution customizable for various industries – and API-enabled software that seamlessly connects client apps to OpenAI’s AI capabilities.

Over 92% of Fortune 500 companies have adopted the consumer version of their chatbot, according to the observation of two experts.

OpenAI made it clear to potential customers that the data used in ChatGPT Enterprise wouldn’t be utilized to educate their models. They highlighted this point to prioritize privacy and security concerns. Previously, OpenAI faced several lawsuits accusing them of data misuse.

OpenAI’s latest action places it against its major financier, Microsoft, who currently provides some OpenAI functionalities through their own channels.

Microsoft’s Azure cloud and Microsoft 365 currently provide access to OpenAI’s technology thanks to their partnership. Some business leaders have raised questions about the need to pay extra for ChatGPT Enterprise, given that they already use Microsoft services.

Based on unnamed insiders who were present, Altman and Lightcap allegedly eased worries by emphasizing the advantages of working closely with OpenAI’s experts. They pointed out that this collaboration would grant enterprises access to advanced models and bespoke AI solutions designed specifically for business requirements.

By March 2024, OpenAI’s estimated worth has reached an impressive $68 billion. With unwavering determination, the company aims to generate a revenue of one billion dollars that year.

The enterprise model of the business is anticipated to bring in substantial profits for the company based on recent developments. At the meetings, Lightcap allegedly shared exciting news about the enterprise model’s popularity, with approximately 600,000 sign-ups for ChatGPT Enterprise and Team as of now, compared to only 150,000 in January – a clear indication of escalating interest in AI solutions among corporations.

Reports indicate that OpenAI has held discussions with movie production companies in Hollywood regarding their Sora video generation tool.

Despite the tech generating buzz, there are lingering worries about obtaining suitable training data, ensuring dependable results, and safeguarding intellectual property rights.

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2024-04-12 17:09