Scammers exploit Google platform to promote phishing site

It seems that Google is unintentionally advertising a potentially harmful cryptocurrency site. This site leads users to a fraudulent version of a phishing website, which deceitfully steals users’ crypto assets through Google Ads, an advertising platform that allows businesses to display ads on Google search results pages.

A report from BleepingComputer states that hackers have found a way to promote a fake version of Whales Market, an OTC cryptocurrency platform where users trade airdrop tokens, according to the findings.

The report shows that a false ad is appearing as a promoted result at the very top of Google search outcomes.

The Whales Market advertised by Google through its searches might appear legitimate due to its seemingly genuine domain address, but upon clicking, users are actually redirected to the counterfeit version at [], instead of the original and authentic [] website. CryptoMoon has confirmed this misdirection.

Scammers exploit Google platform to promote phishing site

According to BleepingComputer’s report, the hackers are said to have registered several domains resembling Whales Market, with one being inactive at [].

A false website imitates the genuine Whales Market platform, tricking users into linking their digital wallets. But once connected, hidden scripts are set off, draining cryptocurrency from unsuspecting users’ wallets.

This occurrence is reminiscent of other instances where scammers have exploited Google’s advertising system to promote misleading offerings.

A hacker stole approximately $900,000 in cryptocurrency from one of billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban’s and Dallas Mavericks owner’s identified hot wallets.

In December 2023, scammers utilized a fraudulent platform named “MS Drainer” to steal around $59 million worth of cryptocurrency from victims during the previous nine-month period.

Scammers placed misleading ads on Google for counterfeit websites of well-known cryptocurrency platforms such as Zapper, Lido, Stargate, DefiLlama, Orbiter Finance, and Radiant.

Unidentified people have carried out a phishing campaign lately, but Google seems to be responding by taking steps against the scammers.

In April, Google brought a legal action against two Chinese citizens, Yunfeng Sun and Hongnam Cheung, accusing them of tricking people into buying fake cryptocurrency investments via the Google Play marketplace.

In the world of Web3, wallet drainers have emerged as a significant issue. By November 2023, the creator of the “Inferno” drainer had announced plans to retire, having allegedly swindled over $80 million from unsuspecting victims throughout the software’s existence.

In March, the creator of “Monkey Drainer,” a program reportedly responsible for stealing approximately $13 million prior to this announcement, declared they were stepping down from their role in the project.

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2024-04-19 15:45