Solana network ‘nowhere near where we expect it to be’ — Solana Foundation exec

According to Austin Federa, the head of strategy at the Solana Foundation, achieving our objective of creating a swift global network that is both open and permissionless, without central authority, remains a significant work in progress.

“From a user standpoint, the network performance falls short of our hopes and expectations,” Federa explained during an interview with CryptoMoon at Paris Blockchain Week.

Based on Federa’s explanation, the traffic jams on Solana arise from its thriving performance, leading to unanticipated levels of engagement on the network.

“From a generous perspective, the massive request for Solana’s block space isn’t a sign of failure, but rather a testament to its impressive capacity. In fact, Solana processes more transactions per second than both Ethereum‘s main network and secondary layers put together.”

Instead, he acknowledged that Solana’s developers could have prepared for the network’s demand surges by updating it accordingly beforehand.

“Federa pointed out that the predicted demand for Solana didn’t align with the required upgrade and repair schedule.”

For deeper insights into Federa’s perspective regarding Solana’s future and proposed remedies for network overload, don’t miss our in-depth conversation with him, available now on our YouTube channel.

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2024-04-17 19:15