Solana releases mainnet beta update v1.17.31 to resolve congestion issues

Solana’s development team has unveiled an updated version of their mainnet beta, labeled as v1.17.31, aimed at addressing the current traffic overload on the Solana blockchain.

After undergoing thorough testing for the past three days, the update that was launched on April 12 is now endorsed for widespread usage by mainnet beta validators.

In this update, you’ll find improvements to tackle some network traffic issues. More advancements are on the way with version 1.18.

The present iteration is designed to alleviate network congestion and address open interest surges. Notable enhancements involve:

  • Show staked vs non staked packets sent down/throttled
  • quic: use smallvec to aggregate chunks, save 1 alloc per packet
  • BankingStage Forwarding Filter
  • tighten the minimal streams per 100ms for staked node
  • Treat super low staked as unstaked in streamer QOS
  • default staked client in LocalCluster

Validators on the Solana network were requested by developer Anza to perform an upgrade with the latest patch, but only when the amount of delinquent stakes was below 5%.

On Solana, delinquency signifies validators who have not been actively participating, and the percentage indicates the proportion of total stake held by these offline validators. Therefore, validators are advised to install updates when the inactive validator stakes amount to less than 5% of the network’s total stake.

Amid increasing network activity and meme coin buzz, Solana’s network experienced problems with heavy traffic for almost a week, resulting in a failure rate of up to 75% for transactions. As developers worked on resolving the issue, Solana’s co-founder stated that these congestion issues were simply a glitch rather than an inherent network flaw.

The Solana Foundation identified several causes for the current network congestion, such as high demand for Solana block space and a late rollout of fixes to address network problems.

Austin Federa, strategy lead at Solana Foundation, spoke with CryptoMoon and shared that developers have been diligently working around the clock to resolve the problem. However, the intense network usage has surpassed the developers’ ability to intervene in a timely manner.

Instead of “However, Solana developers have developed a series of patches to address the persistent problem, with the initial one unveiled today for programmers,” you could also say “Solana developers have been working on solutions to the ongoing issue and have rolled out the first patch for developers today.”

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2024-04-15 11:43