Tesla teases robotaxi ride-hailing app ahead of August reveal

On Tuesday, Tesla, an electric car company led by CEO Elon Musk, revealed fresh information about their anticipated autonomous ride-sharing service. This innovative feature enables passengers to request self-driving cars through a user-friendly experience reminiscent of Uber.

At their earnings report on April 23, the company shared some initial designs for their ride-hailing app. These included features allowing passengers to request a ride, adjust the temperature inside the car, monitor the vehicle’s location, and choose the music to be played during the trip.

Tesla teases robotaxi ride-hailing app ahead of August reveal

Tesla has been hinting at the large-scale introduction of robotaxis since 2019. Elon Musk expressed his strong belief that Tesla would start offering robotaxis by the end of 2020; however, this goal was not met.

A Tesla owner could earn extra income by allowing others to rent their Tesla car for rides through the program. Tesla would collect a percentage of the revenue generated, while the vehicle’s owner would keep the remainder – it was estimated that each Tesla car could generate approximately $30,000 in annual gross profit.

In Tesla’s most recent earnings discussion, Musk explained that the upcoming program would function as a blend of Airbnb and Uber’s business models. Tesla will manage the primary vehicle fleet, while some cars will belong to individual users.

“The user has the flexibility to include or exclude their vehicle from the pool at any time, and they have the ability to set access restrictions for friends and family, high-rated users, or the general public,” Musk stated.

He mentioned that they had the option to retrieve the car whenever they wanted and have it all to themselves, similar to having a personal Airbnb.

Musk suggested that the first batch of cars might number around seven million, with a potential expansion to “many more,” approaching the tens of millions.

In August, Tesla plans to unveil its specifically designed robotaxi, which Elon Musk has recently called the “Cybercab” during their earning conference call.

No, Tesla didn’t add more Bitcoin

During this quarter, Tesla’s most recent financial statement reveals no Bitcoin (BTC) transactions have occurred for the past seven quarters in contrast to rumors suggesting otherwise.

Recently, it was observed that Tesla’s Bitcoin wallet, according to Arkham Intelligence’s data, held approximately 11,510 Bitcoins. This is over a thousand coins more than the publicly reported figure of 9,720 Bitcoins as per BitcoinTreasuries.

It was thought by some that Tesla might have purchased additional Bitcoin during the last quarter.

Despite Tesla’s newest financial report revealing no modification in its net digital assets, which currently total $184 million.

Tesla teases robotaxi ride-hailing app ahead of August reveal

Tesla’s stock price rose by 13% in after-hours trading, even though the company’s Q1 earnings did not meet analyst projections and revenue experienced a significant decrease, dropping to $21.3 billion or 9% less than the previous figure.

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