Tokenholders approve $7.5B AI merger

The merged entities of SingularityNet,, and Ocean Protocol – with the approval of their token holders – are moving forward with a $7.5 billion union. This alliance will be known as the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance (ASI).

According to the April 16 announcement, the Fetch.AI (FET) token will become the ASI token with a total supply of 2.6 billion. Meanwhile SingularityNet (AGIX) and Ocean (OCEAN) tokens will be converted into ASI at approximate ratios of 0.43:1, with ASI tokens having a combined value of $7.5 billion post-merger. The ASI is scheduled for launch on May 24. 

Humayun Sheikh, as the chairman of the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance and CEO of, shared their goal: “We strive to build a large-scale decentralized AI framework, upholding ethical and reliable standards.” By merging our systems, we encourage both developers and users, promoting a more equitable and transparent AI community.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, ASI, is exploring three primary areas for product development at present: integrating AI agents in business environments, creating neural symbolic language learning models (LLMs), and managing AI data exchange. In the coming months, we expect to make money by launching our agent network for commercial use. Our immediate goal is to roll out various AI products that bring real-life applications to the market.

Regarding the future plans for our project’s roadmap, ASI intends to boost its GPU investment in commercial, computing, and data projects. Recently, announced a $100 million funding to set up Nvidia H200, H100, and A100 GPUs, aiming to build a platform where developers and users can access increased computational power.

In Cambridge, operates with a base, where they employ Large Language Models (LLMs) and artificial intelligence (AI) agents for their marketplace that connects users with AI-enhanced services. On the other hand, SingularityNET, situated in Zug, Switzerland, is dedicated to investigating how AI can be applied in various sectors including finance, robotics, healthcare AI, media, arts, and entertainment. Lastly, Ocean, based in Singapore, offers a platform for businesses and individuals to exchange tokenized data assets.

Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) have shown great compatibility since the rise of popular AI models like ChatGPT last year. In an interview with CryptoMoon on April 12, Sol Nasisi, founder and CEO of Booksie, shared his views on how AI and blockchain could power self-publishing platforms in the not-too-distant future.

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2024-04-16 22:51