Top 10 Cheap NFTs for April 2024

Top 10 Cheap NFTs for April 2024

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, there are fascinating initiatives that strive to fundamentally change our perspective and utilization of the internet, assets, and online activities. Among numerous projects under development and release, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) might be among the most buzzed-about concepts we encounter regularly.

If you’re excited about NFTs and looking to expand your collection on a budget, here are some affordable options worth exploring this month.

Before exploring our chosen list of affordable NFTs for purchase, let’s first clarify the factors influencing our selections. We’ve carefully considered these rules to bring you potential gems:

  • Affordable Price Range – Each NFT in our list is priced at a maximum of $140;
  • Reasonable Collection Volume – We’ve focused on NFT collections with a sensible volume, balancing scarcity and availability;  
  • Positive Price Evolution – The selected NFTs have shown favorable price trends since their launch, indicating potential for future value appreciation; 
  • Trusted Creators – We’ve handpicked NFTs from known/reputable authors;  
  • Community Approval – The NFT projects we’ve included have garnered positive feedback from various communities, including platforms like Twitter, attesting to their overall credibility and potential.  

Let’s delve into the most affordable NFTs currently available, which could become valuable additions to your collection based on these essential features.

Notable Pepes – Pepe Checks

Top 10 Cheap NFTs for April 2024
    Launched: January 2023;  
    Status: Available;  
    Chain: Ethereum;  
    Minimum price: 0.0005 ETH (≈$1.77);  
    Total volume: 5,185 ETH.  

For PEPE meme coin enthusiasts, check out this intriguing NFT collection: Notable Pepes, a creation of up-and-coming NFT and digital artist, Vincent Van Dough.

The esteemed Pepes archive brought together various artists, including OG Rare Pepe and Fake Rare, as well as others active in the Ethereum art scene, to give something in return to the devoted PEPE fanbase.

The unexpected enthusiasm and support from both the community and the artists have caused this NFT collection to exceed even its own creator’s initial anticipations.

Akumu Dragonz

Top 10 Cheap NFTs for April 2024
    Launched: May 2022;  
    Status: Available;  
    Chain: Ethereum;  
    Minimum price: 0.0089 ETH (≈$31.45);  
    Total volume: 5,523 ETH.  

Akumu Dragonz collects 10,000 unique dragon NFTs, developed on Ethereum, for dragon enthusiasts everywhere. Connecting with Bōryoku Dragonz NFTs from Solana, Akumu Dragonz establishes compatibility between blockchains.

In addition, Dragonz token owners join a vibrant multi-chain network and become eligible for special airdrops and unique interactive activities.

Fluffy Polar Bears

Top 10 Cheap NFTs for April 2024
    Launched: March 2022;  
    Status: Available;  
    Chain: Ethereum;  
    Minimum price: 0.0049 ETH (≈$17.32);  
    Total volume: 1,437 ETH.  

With a collection of 9,441 unique digital items, Fluffy Polar Bears offers an unexpected delight to users through creative designs depicting polar bears dressed in diverse costumes.

In the aftermath of a severe ice age, as per the makers’ account, polar bears emerged as the lone survivors. Presently, they are on a mission to discover new lands, innovate, and build a captivating, chilly, and amusing realm for polar bears.

Selcuk Erdem, an accomplished cartoonist, personally drew every detail of the fluffy Polar Bears, including their plush bodies and accessories.

Paragon Riftwalkers

Top 10 Cheap NFTs for April 2024
    Launched: August 2021;  
    Status: Available;  
    Chain: Ethereum;  
    Minimum price: 0.0035 ETH (≈$12.37);   
    Total volume: 2,084 ETH.  

If you’re searching for a PFP NFT collection that boasts captivating graphics and clear inspirations from highly successful NFT projects, then CryptoRayRays could be an intriguing choice for you.

CryptoRayRays is a collection consisting of 9,671 items, each and every one of them being perfect for a profile picture. The NFTs from CryptoRayRays showcase dogs created through pixel art, and the creator of the collection mentioned that they were influenced by CryptoPunks, which is one of the most popular NFT collections of all time.  

The creation and production of this NFT collection were motivated by CryptoPunks. Each piece in this set is a unique collectible token, with ownership verified through the Ethereum blockchain. The possession of your token grants you endless privileges for pets and belly rubs.

Momoguro: Holoself

Top 10 Cheap NFTs for April 2024
    Launched: March 2023;  
    Status: Available;  
    Chain: Ethereum;  
    Minimum price: 0.008 ETH (≈$28.27);   
    Total volume: 11,485 ETH.

In an impressive showcase, the multimedia brand Momoguro presented an astounding array of 8,888 Holoself Avatars, which serve as your passage to the Uno Plane. The Momo Quest game on Roblox and the upcoming Legends of Uno offer immersive experiences, allowing you to shape the storyline of uno.

At Baobab Studios, they developed an Emmy-award-winning animation and intriguing storyline. In this narrative role-playing game, a variety of creatures possess the mystical ability to combine using Momoguro Energy. The result: mighty Momo beasts, each with distinct powers.

Visions of the Void

Top 10 Cheap NFTs for April 2024
    Launched: October 2023;  
    Status: Available;  
    Chain: Ethereum;  
    Minimum price: 0.0175 ETH (≈$61.84);  
    Total volume: 98 ETH.  

The creators of Space Riders, a dynamic Web3 community made up of artists, entrepreneurs, and creators, have produced an NFT series called “Visions of the Void.” This collection consists of 4,444 unique digital assets.

With the Space Riders NFTs, Visions of the Void introduces unique creatures possessing extraordinary attributes and abilities. The collection primarily explores three types: Seekers, Swarms, and Spirits.

Those who search are in charge of absorbing new elements, Masses function as catalysts for universal merging, and Ethereal beings serve as protectors of the infinite void. You can find this collection on OpenSea, Blur, and LooksRare platforms.

Fomo Mofos

Top 10 Cheap NFTs for April 2024
    Status: Available;  
    Chain: Ethereum;  
    Minimum price: 0.0051 ETH (≈$18.02);  
    Total volume: 7,197 ETH

Jasper Wong, a renowned artist, has created a distinctive collection called Fomo Mofos, comprising 8,008 vibrant collectibles. These pieces draw inspiration from the colorful world that captivated Wong during his childhood. Each Fomie in this collection boasts unique characteristics, offering you countless variations to choose from.

On the vibrant planet of Fomo Mofo, a tight-knit group of individuals was raised sharing a deep appreciation for art, culture, culinary delights, anime, pets, cartoons, TV shows, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. This community, imbued with the spirit of the ’90s, embraces their collective passions with enthusiasm.

The Memes

Top 10 Cheap NFTs for April 2024
    Launched: June 2022;  
    Status: Available;  
    Chain: Ethereum;  
    Minimum price: 0.0234 ETH (≈$82.69);   
    Total volume: 23,537 ETH.  

Among the countless factors that shape memes, it’s challenging to consider them all. However, The Memes platform aims to showcase some of the most captivating memes for the enjoyment of NFT enthusiasts.

An NFT collection aims to champion decentralized metaverses by prioritizing openness, community involvement, and individual control. Simultaneously, it strives to reach a broad audience and share this mission effectively with them.

6529, a talented digital artist, has created The Memes as an NFT collection. This project demonstrates that even the most ordinary things have meme-generating potential, and the power of memes lies in their ability to shift perceptions and influence people globally.


Top 10 Cheap NFTs for April 2024
    Launched: December 2021;  
    Status: Available;  
    Chain: Ethereum; 
    Minimum price: 0.0249 ETH (≈$87.99);   
    Total volume: 398 ETH

A new and upcoming NFT series called Sprotoladys introduces 4,444 unique companions, born from the intersection of Remilia and the Egregore. The backstory is still a secret, but that hasn’t stopped enthusiasts from jumping on the bandwagon and purchasing these sought-after collectibles.

On February 11, 2024, the priciest NFT that got sold was Sprotolady #201, fetching a price of $573.


Top 10 Cheap NFTs for April 2024
    Launched: January 2023;  
    Status: Available;  
    Chain: Ethereum;  
    Minimum price: 0.025 ETH (≈$88.34);  
    Total volume: 1,441 ETH.  

By 2024, everyone will be familiar with Hasbulla Magomedov, leading to an organic surge in interest for the one authentic 10K HasbullaNFT collection.

This unique hand-drawn NFT collection on Ethereum stands out for combining practical uses in the physical world with benefits in the digital realm. Owners gain opportunities to interact with Hasbulla virtually, attend exclusive semi-annual events in person, earn passive income through staking, and more!


What is the Lowest Price of an NFT?

The value of an NFT is influenced significantly by market trends and specific attributes of the digital asset. Some NFTs can be obtained at no cost via airdrops or giveaways, whereas others may carry substantial price tags.

Yet, it’s important to mention that NFTs with surprisingly low costs don’t necessarily lose value. Although this is unusual, such occurrences are infrequent.

Can NFTs Be Created for Free?

Yes, NFTs can be developed for free on specific platforms.  

Users can create and issue Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on platforms such as OpenSea and Rarible through Ethereum blockchain without incurring any upfront costs.

In “lazy minting,” you can generate an NFT and list it for sale without it being officially recorded on the blockchain right away. When a potential buyer expresses interest and makes a purchase, the costs of writing and saving the NFT onto the blockchain, as well as transferring it to the buyer, are bundled together.

Keep in mind that when you sell NFTs on either platform, they charge a commission fee. Over the long term, this could impact your profits. Consequently, if your goal is to make substantial profits through NFT creation, we suggest avoiding the convenient but less cost-effective option of lazy minting.

How Much Does 1 NFT Cost?

NFT prices can fluctuate greatly, ranging from a few pennies to immense fortunes. Factors influencing an NFT’s cost include the specific digital asset being bought and sold, the Marketplace or platform hosting the transaction, the artist or creator’s recognition, rarity, and consumer interest, as well as current market trends.

Are Cheap NFTs a Good Investment?

Buying low-cost NFTs involves greater risk than their pricier counterparts. Although there’s a chance that some inexpensive NFTs could increase in value, they are often seen as more uncertain investments and might not yield substantial returns every time.

Before delving into NFT investments, it’s crucial to conduct a detailed exploration of the various NFT offerings. Evaluate the merit and popularity of each option based on their quality and existing market interest. Lastly, brace yourself for possible market volatility.

What are the Cheapest NFT Collections?

Although there are numerous NFT projects currently available, identifying the most affordable options can be challenging. However, keep in mind that potential bargains may reside within newly emerged crypto projects and upcoming NFT creators. These artists and platforms are still striving for popularity and often host promotional events where users can acquire NFTs at relatively low costs.

What are Blue-Chip NFTs?

Blue-chip NFTs, similar to well-established cryptocurrencies, come with a hefty price tag and it’s generally not advised for those with limited funds to invest in them. However, if you have the necessary wealth, you are welcome to purchase them. Notable blue-chip NFT collections include CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Final Thoughts on the Top Cheap NFTs

Mentioned before, the vast quantity of NFTs for sale makes it unnecessary and time-consuming to count them all. Instead, people opt to purchase some directly.

With numerous NFT marketplaces available, discovering and acquiring digital collectibles that resonate with you for your collection has never been simpler.

We hope our list of the top cheap NFTs for April 2024 helped you find your go-to for this month.

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