Ubisoft teases new blockchain game at Paris Blockchain Week

Ubisoft, a well-known video game developer behind AAA titles, is moving forward with plans to launch its initial blockchain game. The unveiling of the gameplay trailer for Champion Tactics Grimoria took place at Paris Blockchain Week, providing an early peek into this innovative venture.

At the conference, the main developers of the tactical role-playing game (RPG) for player versus player (PVP) battles granted CryptoMoon an exclusive preview. In this RPG, players have the ability to create unique figurines based on blockchain technology. Each figurine possesses distinct traits and characteristics. Players can then assemble a team of three figurines for the turn-based game.

Ubisoft teases new blockchain game at Paris Blockchain Week

The game boasts the sophistication and charm typical of Ubisoft productions, featuring top-notch graphics and smooth animations that enhance the gaming experience. To succeed, players must master which hero pairings work best against their opponents’ choices.

In an exclusive interview with the publication, Nicolas Pouard, vice president of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab, shared that Ubisoft has taken a thoughtful and deliberate approach to creating a video game using blockchain technology.

“We started development last year on the first real game on blockchain. We felt it was too ambitious to start with a AAA title so we’re testing the waters with Champions Tactics.”

Instead of starting with building the blockchain technology for their game like many other developers do, Pouard explained that his team at the studio chose a unique method: they began by constructing a rich universe for their game around its core assets and non-fungible tokens.

In this strategy game, the action revolves around collectible champion figures, each possessing unique talents and capabilities. Similar to DOTA, the optimal combination of champions lies in their synergy with specific classes and specializations. Additionally, the right choice of champions can effectively counteract those selected by opponents during turn-based battles.

At a recent event in Paris, Ubisoft and Oasys provided attendees with an opportunity to experience the gameplay firsthand using the gaming blockchain protocol developed by Ubisoft for this purpose. Additionally, Ubisoft announced a new whitelist, allowing potential players to start creating figurines for their champion roster in preparation for future gameplay.

Pouard explained that Ubisoft wasn’t solely focused on financial gains when considering the launch of a Web3 game. Instead, they aimed to demonstrate their capability of creating a top-notch game where players truly own their digital possessions.

“It’s crucial for us to familiarize ourselves with the market and the best approach to releasing this type of game,” he explained. “Our ultimate goal is to let players have control over the game by adding their own figurines and grasping the concept of owning in-game assets.”

Oasys unveiled a new connection to the versatile linkup protocol LayerZero. This development is an essential part of Oasys’ 2024 Dragon Update, aiming to boost compatibility within its gaming platform.

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2024-04-11 20:45