Whales bet on MATIC’s rise to $1, should you do the same?

    MATIC traded 23% lower than the same time last week.
    Wallets holding between 1,000 to 10 million coins increased sharply over the week.

The crypto market was drenched in losses as Bitcoin (BTC) and many top alternative coins were unable to halt their price declines.

Just like other cryptocurrencies, MATIC experienced a decline, losing approximately 4% over the past 24 hours based on CoinMarketCap’s data.

Currently, the native coin of widely-used L2 platform Polygon is priced at $0.71, representing a 23% decrease in value compared to its price one week ago.

Opportunity to stockpile some more?

In a bull market, which is a period of rising prices, experienced investors often welcome sharp corrections as opportunities to buy coins at reduced costs.

According to the on-chain monitor Lookonchain, there is a large investor who took advantage of the market downturn to add more coins to their holdings.

In the world of altcoins, MATIC stood out, as approximately two million coins were bought by affluent investors.

This event wasn’t an isolated occurrence based on Santiment’s findings. Instead, there was a significant increase in the amount of cryptocurrency held by large investors, as evidenced by the data from Santiment and AMBCrypto.

Over the past week, there was a noticeable surge in the count of wallets containing between 1,000 and 10 million coins. Simultaneously, there was a substantial rise in the frequency of large transactions valued over $100,000.

This indicated that whales were indeed buying MATIC’s dip.

Whales bet on MATIC’s rise to $1, should you do the same?

Whales confident of MATIC’s rebound?

The motivation to accumulate was rooted in their bullish expectations from MATIC.

Approximately 55% of open whale positions for MATIC on Binance, as reported by AMBCrypto’s examination of Hyblock Capital’s information, showed a long position despite a significant decrease.

This suggested that they were confident of a rebound in the short term.

Whales bet on MATIC’s rise to $1, should you do the same?

Negative commentary dominates

Despite the price drop, there was a surge in critical remarks about the coin, as shown by the unfavorable Weighted Sentiment reading.

Commonly, pessimistic views expressed about a security can affect the level of retail investor involvement. This is often due to the persuasive power of conversations, especially those occurring on social media.

Whales bet on MATIC’s rise to $1, should you do the same?

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2024-04-17 04:07