Winklevoss twins become co-owners of Bitcoin soccer club, inject $4.5M BTC

The Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler, have become co-owners of Real Bedford Football Club (RBFC) following their investment of approximately 4.5 million dollars in Bitcoin (BTC). This investment was made to strengthen RBFC’s financial resources and support its objectives.

In the year 2021, McCormack gained ownership of Bedford’s football team, a town with approximately 200,000 residents. His ultimate goal is to elevate RBFC, which accepts Bitcoin for ticket sales, merchandise, sponsorships, and concessions, to play alongside renowned UK clubs such as Manchester United and Chelsea Football Club in the same league.

“Although reaching the Premier League is an enticing goal for us, McCormack emphasized to CryptoMoon that we have a long way to go before getting there. He focuses on improving one league at a time.”

The Winklevoss twins became joint owners and put in $4.5 million via their investment company, Winklevoss Capital. This money will be allocated to set up a Bitcoin reserve for the club. According to McCormack, this move is intended to shield the club from potential devaluation of fiat currency over an extended period.

Winklevoss twins become co-owners of Bitcoin soccer club, inject $4.5M BTC

Moreover, a portion of the funds is earmarked for constructing a fresh training facility and continuing assistance to young females and males in football.

The Winklevoss twins and McCormack have a shared ambition to elevate RBFC to the elite tier in the UK football league.

“Cameron Winklevoss expressed recently that our investment isn’t limited to a football club in Bedford; it represents the pursuit of bringing Premier League football to the town.”

“Tyler Winklevoss echoes Peter’s strong belief in Bitcoin and its potential to boost RBFC’s journey towards the Premier League,” is a possible paraphrase.

More recently, news emerged that the Winklevoss twins contributed $4.9 million to the pro-crypto Fairshake PAC for backing politicians favorable to digital currencies in the forthcoming US elections.

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2024-04-13 04:45