Worldcoin bulls spring into action – But is it too late for WLD?

  • The Worldcoin structure and momentum were on the sellers’ side in the 1-day timeframe
  • The short-term gains were more of a respite than a recovery due to lack of demand

Worldcoin (WLD) revealed plans for the upcoming Layer 2 solution, Worldchain, slated to debut this summer. The WLD token will have a function and be used for transaction fees in conjunction with Ethereum [ETH].

The announcement caused prices to rise slightly, but it didn’t reverse the overall decline that WLD has been experiencing for an extended period.

The first step will be a move beyond $7.48, but are the bulls strong enough to achieve this?

The WLD indicators and price action both showcase one direction forward

Worldcoin bulls spring into action – But is it too late for WLD?

The Fibonacci lines in pale yellow indicated that the recent pullback’s low of $5.6 was lower than the previous decline’s bottom.

On April 13th, the price broke through the resistance level (bullish breaker block in cyan) of $3.7 to $4.2, which was also the price gap representing fair value (white).

After hitting a low point on that day, WLD‘s price has surged by 52%. However, its one-day chart displayed a clear bearish trend.

On the shorter time frames, defending the $5.4-$5.5 range was crucial for buyers to maintain their optimistic outlook in the near term.

The daily chart’s Common Moving Average (CMA) stood at a value of -0.01. This indicated that buying demand was still weak and suggested that price increases were unlikely to occur soon.

In a comparable manner, the RSI remained under the 50-mark, indicating that the bearish trend’s momentum persisted even with the price recovery.

The short-term market sentiment was tiptoeing toward bullish

Worldcoin bulls spring into action – But is it too late for WLD?

Over the last several days, there has been a significant increase in Open Interest, with a jump of more than $50 million between April 15th and 21st.

This showed speculators were willing to bid WLD and believed in its upward momentum.

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In contrast, the demand for CVD in the spot market experienced a slight increase between the 14th and 17th of this month. However, over the past four days leading up to now, there has been a decline in demand in the spot market.

Hence, WLD’s short-term bullish enthusiasm might meet an early end.

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2024-04-21 21:11