Worldcoin reaches 10M users, 70M transactions, and at least 13 goats bought

Over ten million people have registered on the WorldApp by Worldcoin, with approximately two million new sign-ups each day, and over five million new users every month.

Within just under a year since Worldcoin’s launch in June 2023, we have reached several significant achievements, as mentioned by Tiago Sada, the product head of Tools for Humanity – the company behind Worldcoin. The project currently boasts more daily users than it had in total during the entire month of January 2024.

Universal basic income

Worldcoin is a digital currency initiative focused on providing a common income for all. To sign up, individuals need to verify their identity using the “World App” and have their eyes scanned in person by devices called “orbs,” as confirmed by the company.

According to Remco Bloomen, the leader of blockchain technology at the Worldcoin Foundation, he clarified through a statement that the World App was not meant to be the sole option for the Worldcoin protocol.

“Our hope is that this will encourage other contributors to develop additional wallets for the protocol, as different users have different needs and preferences for their wallet apps. In other words, down the road the Worldcoin community has expressed interest in alternatives to World App, so that a wider range of people can engage with Worldcoin as they choose.”


A notable example of World App in action recently is the heartwarming tale of a user in Kenya who publicly thanked the platform for enabling them to buy a goat using the money gained from a Worldcoin airdrop.

Members of the cryptocurrency world came together and transferred an unspecified quantity of digital money to this individual. It is said that they utilized these funds to buy additional goats, thus increasing their herd to “13 and growing.”

Worldcoin reaches 10M users, 70M transactions, and at least 13 goats bought

Above is a goat with the name “Sam” bestowed upon it. On, when asked about the origin of this name, its owner explained that it was inspired by Sam Altman, one of the founders of Worldcoin.

Altman holds the co-founding role and serves as CEO at a unicorn AI business, OpenAI, which was previously a non-profit organization. Their standout product, ChatGPT, is widely regarded as leading-edge in the field of generative AI technology.

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2024-04-11 21:52