‘Disable iMessages’ ASAP to avoid crypto zero-day exploit: Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet, a company that offers crypto wallet services, advises Apple users to turn off iMessage due to credible information indicating a potential security vulnerability. Hackers could reportedly use this flaw to seize control of affected devices.

iOS users be warned: A dangerous zero-day exploit, verified by reliable sources, is being offered for sale on the Dark Web specifically targeting iMessage, according to a post made by the firm at 7:53 pm UTC on April 16.

The company warned that a zero-day exploit poses a risk to iPhone users, enabling unauthorized access and control without the need for users to click on a link. Particularly vulnerable are those with valuable accounts.

‘Disable iMessages’ ASAP to avoid crypto zero-day exploit: Trust Wallet

A zero-day exploit refers to a method cybercriminals use to attack systems through undiscovered vulnerabilities in software, hardware, or firmware.

Trust Wallet warned that cryptocurrency wallets stored on iPhones with iMessage enabled pose a risk.

Eowyn Chen, the CEO of the company, posted a screenshot on social media, allegedly displaying a zero-day exploit up for sale with a tag price of $2 million.

‘Disable iMessages’ ASAP to avoid crypto zero-day exploit: Trust Wallet

However, the so-called threat was met with skepticism from several industry pundits. 

“If the information you’re presenting, Beau implies, is trustworthy, it’s unfortunate. You don’t seem to possess actual evidence for an iOS vulnerability; instead, you only have a picture of someone asserting they have one.”

Beau cautioned against relying too heavily on Trust Wallet’s warning, pointing out that it could unnecessarily provoke anxiety and potential harm.

More than 1.2 million X users viewed Trust Wallet’s alert on X over the first four hours.

A crypto analyst named foobar raised doubts, prompting the company to disclose that their information came from their “team and allies” who are always on the lookout for potential risks.

CryptoMoon reached out to Apple but didn’t receive an immediate response.

Last month, iPhones were targeted in attacks taking advantage of two previously undisclosed iOS vulnerabilities. In response, Apple promptly issued emergency security patches to address these issues.

Security experts at Kaspersky have reported that hackers have exploited Apple’s iMessage app in past incidents.

Currently, over 280 blockchain networks may be vulnerable to zero-day exploits, according to Halborn’s assessment from last month. These vulnerabilities could potentially threaten more than $25 billion in cryptocurrency assets.

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2024-04-16 03:52