Former Disney boss launches Web3 game studio with Marvel, Star Wars talent

A group of prominent figures from Hollywood and the gaming industry have come together to establish a top-tier web3 game development studio in the United Arab Emirates.

The newly established “Galactic Entertainment Publishing” is the initial branch of the larger Galactic Group.

The first project by the company, named PlanetQuest, began its development phase in the year 2022. Loren Roosendaal, the CEO of Galactic Entertainment and PlanetQuest’s founder, shared with CryptoMoon that an impressive number of users have already expressed interest and signed up, even before the game has been released.

Approximately 300,000 PlanetQuest passport holders have linked wallets, with around 200,000 of these wallets containing at least one or more PlanetQuest NFTs.

AAA franchise experience

The PlanetQuest team is made up of ex-employees from Disney, Warner Bros., Activision-Blizzard, and Epic. They bring an impressive resume to the table, having worked on various franchises in both film and gaming industries. Their past projects include blockbuster movies like “The Batman,” “Avengers,” and “Blade Runner,” as well as hit games such as “Fortnite,” “Call of Duty,” and “Star Wars: Jedi Survivor.”

The Chief Creative Officer of the company, Jon McCoy, who has a long history of working on major Hollywood films, expressed that his experience with Galactic Group surpassed the excitement and challenges he encountered in the film industry.

“Naturally no first attempt at something new is perfect, but it’s been amazing getting to create a sci-fi universe with the fans in a way that’s never been attempted before. I’ve gotten to fulfill a lot of my childhood dreams, working on Star Wars, Blade Runner and Marvel movies to name a few, but there’s little that compares to being able to interact and build with the fans from day one.”


In simpler terms, the initial name of the company, PlanetQuest, is set in a “Star Wars”-inspired universe where users can acquire and exchange digital assets. These assets range from spaceships to entire planets, which players can personally use in the game or sell/trade to others for the native currency.

According to a VentureBeat report, Galactic is preparing to unveil additional media content for PlanetQuest. This includes novels, comic books, and a soon-to-be-announced game.

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2024-04-18 20:11