Here’s how crypto game Notcoin onboarded over 30M users — founder

According to Sasha Plotvinov, founder of Open Builders, the viral Telegram game Notcoin effectively addressed the challenge of introducing cryptocurrencies to Telegram users.

In January, Notcoin, the new crypto game, saw an unprecedented number of sign-ups – a total of 20 million – within just 26 days after its launch. This surpassed the record set by Axie Infinity, a well-known blockchain game, which had reached a peak of 2.78 million monthly active users in 2022. Notcoin demonstrated the immense potential for bringing millions of people into the crypto world through an engaging gaming experience.

Here’s how crypto game Notcoin onboarded over 30M users — founder

At the Token2049 conference, Plotvinov spoke with CryptoMoon about the origin of their game. This game gained an impressive user base of around 30 million in March. Initially, the intention was to simply introduce cryptocurrency to Telegram messaging app users through this project. Plotvinov elaborated:

“It just solved the issue. Or maybe, the task that we all had on how to bring users from Telegram to crypto. So basically, that was the original goal.”

The executive shared that his team had invested significant time analyzing Telegram’s vast user community and the TON blockchain, boasting advanced technology yet showing minimal activity.

Following the procedure, the team chosen a less complex beginning for new hires’ onboarding, as explained by Plotvinov.

“At some point you just, you know, come to the idea. All right. So we just need to remove all the roadblocks for the beginning. Then, we need to give something to users so they have the motivation to go for all this Web3.”

The Notcoin co-creator described the experience as highly “social” with features including interactions, competitions, leaderboards, and squads. He emphasized, “This element is crucial for such a game. And with Telegram, it’s incredibly simple to bring users on board and extend invitations.”

Plotvinov described how the game gained immense popularity among people, sharing that approximately 53,000 communities engaged in friendly competition to advance up the ranking system.

The executive shared that there wasn’t a specific marketing fund allocated for the team. Instead, things progressed on their own, as he put it.

“94% of Notcoiners came from referrals. People invited other people. We call them friends. You have friends, you just invite them and you play together, and you can see how they’re progressing.”

Plotvinov shared that Notcoin departed from the standard method in which projects aim to persuade users of their value. Instead, he expressed a more casual and self-deprecating approach: “We figured, why not try a different angle and assume the role of ‘it’s probably nothing,’ rather than trying to convince you?”

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2024-04-19 23:57