Here’s Ripple CEO’s advice on whether you should buy Bitcoin or XRP

    Pro-XRP lawyer criticized Senator Warren’s crypto oversight
    XRP continues to ride the wave of bullishness, esp. on social media

The dispute over cryptocurrency regulations intensified when John Deaton, an attorney supportive of XRP, reacted to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s remarks at a US Senate Banking Committee session.

Critic Deaton has disagreed with Senator Warren’s call for more regulation over crypto-validators and stablecoin users. This disparity in perspective underscores the growing divide between cryptocurrency advocates and government officials.

In his recent X (Formerly Twitter) post, he commented, 

“@Senwarren has shown time and again she’d rather play politics than find real solutions.” 

This collision further emphasizes the intricacy of managing and understanding the consequences of blockchain technology, as well as the strong responses it may provoke among an active and vocal audience.

XRP’s bullish momentum despite SEC lawsuit 

Amidst the legal battle between Ripple and the SEC, there’s been an uptick in market instability. This has sparked worries about possible surges in availability. Nevertheless, according to Coinglass’ findings, Ripple‘s altcoin is still following a bullish pattern on the graphs.

In harmony with previous views, XRP experienced a 3.41% increase on the weekly chart at present. This signifies that although there may be brief price changes, an uptick in open interest and derivatives trading activity indicates strengthening investor conviction – A marker of favorable trends.

It’s no surprise that social media is filled with positivity as well, with many people reacting to Yoshitaka Kitao’s recent remarks from RippleXrpie. @RippleXrpie provides insight into the significance of those comments made by the SBI CEO.

“BANG!!! SBI CEO Announces: Every Japanese Bank to Adopt Ripple’s XRP by 2025. Brad Garlinghouse is Optimistic: 2024 will be Significant!”

Others like @UniverseTwenty remarked, 

#XRP 1$+ Before End Of April.” 

Garlinghouse’s optimism on XRP ETFs

At social media platforms, it’s not just users who express optimism. As an illustration, during the Paris Blockchain Week, Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, shared his hopeful outlook when queried about prospective XRP ETFs, stating:

“You shouldn’t only consider investing in Bitcoin or XRP. Instead, aim for a well-rounded investment portfolio by diversifying your holdings.”

He went on to add, 

In the US, just two cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and XRP following a court battle – currently enjoy regulatory certainty as they are not classified as securities according to the authorities. This distinction is significant!

Garlinghouse then added that there would be more ETFs approved in the US apart from those based on Bitcoin. The upcoming period could bring good news for XRP as it began to bounce back at the current pricing.

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2024-04-10 14:47