Sam Altman’s OpenAI reportedly in partnership talks with his other firm, Worldcoin

As a crypto investor and observer, I’m excited about the potential partnership between OpenAI and Worldcoin, both co-founded by Sam Altman. According to recent reports from Bloomberg, the two firms are in talks for a collaboration that could see OpenAI providing AI solutions to Worldcoin.

Sam Altman’s company, OpenAI, is rumored to be engaging in collaborative discussions with Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency venture founded by him as well, which combines universal basic income and identity verification systems under the umbrella of Tools For Humanity.

As a crypto investor, I’ve been following the latest developments between OpenAI and Worldcoin closely. According to recent reports by Bloomberg, these two innovative firms are in talks for a potential partnership. If this collaboration comes to fruition, OpenAI would bring their advanced AI solutions and services to the table for Worldcoin. The potential for further synergy and collaborative opportunities down the road is an exciting prospect for both parties.

The collaboration between OpenAI and Worldcoin, with Elon Musk’s involvement in both organizations, is likely to invite extra regulatory attention.

Per Tools for Humanity CEO Alex Blania, speaking to Bloomberg:

“I think it’s just because of Sam. Just, like, much more attention than you would usually face as a company of that size or a project of that size.”

As aanalyst, I find it intriguing that Blania’s remarks regarding Worldcoin are not explicitly clear. With approximately two million daily users, Worldcoin stands out as one of the world’s most active universal basic income and identity verification platforms.

Companies like OpenAI have faced controversy and regulatory examination before. For instance, OpenAI managed to survive investigations into its collaboration with Microsoft, which were initially viewed as a potential merger by EU authorities. In the end, these allegations did not hold up.

As a researcher studying the cryptocurrency landscape, I’ve come across the case of Worldcoin encountering regulatory challenges in several countries within the first quarter of 2024. Specifically, Portugal, Kenya, and Spain have imposed bans on this digital currency.

Since its inception in 2024, Worldcoin has primarily focused on expanding its business endeavors. Notably, this year, the company introduced its own blockchain – a layer-2 platform – which gives precedence to authentic human Worldcoin users over automated systems, as reported by CryptoMoon.

In relation to cryptocurrencies, Worldcoin disclosed plans to boost the circulating supply of its WLD tokens by approximately 36 million tokens, equivalent to roughly $196 million in value, during the upcoming six months through sales to selected institutional investors.

The demand for the tokens is increasing significantly, as indicated by their growing popularity in terms of distribution. Semafor reveals that they are experiencing a shortage despite having between 300 and 500 of these “orbs” in use.

Worldcoin employs devices called Orbs for iris scanning, which are distinctive components of the human eye akin to fingerprints, used to establish and authenticate users’ digital identities. Individuals residing in regions where the service is accessible can undergo this process to obtain an initial allotment of 10 WLD tokens, valued at approximately $4.81 each at the time of publication, as well as a supplementary two tokens every month thereafter.

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2024-04-28 23:17