Vietnamese tech company to build $200M AI factory with Nvidia

FPT, a prominent IT company from Vietnam, and Nvidia, a renowned global chip-making company, announced their plans to team up financially and construct a $200 million AI factory in Vietnam.

On April 23, the companies announced that they are collaborating on a project with the goal of providing a comprehensive solution for artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing in Vietnam. Key areas of focus for this initiative include developing AI products, supplying GPU infrastructure, assembling tech specialists, and offering domain expertise to local customers.

FPT intends to allocate resources towards establishing an AI factory that functions as a “self-governing cloud” in collaboration with Nvidia. In return, Nvidia will provide their advanced technology, which consists of AI business software and frameworks, together with the latest Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPUs.

Based on the information given, FPT intends to make Vietnam a leading destination for artificial intelligence (AI) technology and transform it into an “AI-focused nation.” Simultaneously, they plan to speed up the integration of AI applications in nearby countries, including Japan and South Korea.

Keith Strier, Nvidia’s Vice President for Global AI, expressed that AI holds a great capacity to “enhance living standards and boost economic growth in all countries.” This is achieved by promoting innovation in key sectors including healthcare, agriculture, climate change mitigation, and manufacturing, through the use of faster technology advancements.

FPT’s corporate clients will have access to GPU cloud services from the factory for faster and more powerful AI application capabilities, along with the provision of comprehensive generative AI solutions.

Nvidia’s educational program will extend to include their software in university and high school curricula, activities, training sessions, and lab setups. Approximately 30,000 students across the country are expected to benefit from this initiative.

In late December 2023, Nvidia’s CEO revealed their intentions to broaden collaborations in Vietnam, aiming to draw in local expertise for their AI sector.

Prior to this, in September 2023, the US and Vietnam forged significant business deals and alliances, valued at billions of dollars, to enhance their collaboration in AI technology. A key area of focus was bolstering the semiconductor industry partnership.

At this gathering, representatives from significant technology firms involved in artificial intelligence, such as Nvidia, Microsoft, and Google, were in attendance.

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2024-04-23 14:57