Viral video: Wikipedia censored data during US elections and Covid

The reminder for caution towards mainstream media reports has once again been emphasized within the cryptocurrency circle, following the ongoing controversy surrounding NPR CEO Katherine Maher.

The unexpected departure of NPR senior business editor Uri Berliner has caused a ripple effect in the media world, with politicians, activists, and editors expressing strong criticism towards NPR CEO Jarl Mohn (formerly known as Maher) following Berliner’s reprimand for commenting critically on NPR’s reporting in The Free Press.

A number of detractors have rallied behind the ex-NPR editor, as demonstrated by an video shared by activist Christopher Rufo, which features Maher acknowledging that Wikipedia suppressed certain data during the 2020 US elections and the COVID-19 crisis.

During the virtual panel talk at the 2021 360/Open Summit hosted by the Atlantic Council, Maher delivered a speech that later gained significant attention on social media platform X. This surge in popularity came about following Berliner’s resignation.

In the video, Maher explains that during both the recent election and the global pandemic, we adopted a proactive strategy to combat false information and misinformation. We paid special attention to this issue in the editing process, providing exceptional support to our community during an unprecedented time.

The Wikimedia Foundation, which oversees Wikipedia, established a platform for collaborative information-sharing among editors during the election and pandemic periods, allowing them to work closely with the government in identifying potential threats.

Viral video: Wikipedia censored data during US elections and Covid

In the same speech, Maher is said to have identified the First Amendment of the US, which guarantees free speech, as her primary concern.

Maher pointed out that these speech safeguards make it challenging to silence “harmful information” or the individuals who profit from spreading it.

Notable commentators, such as X’s proprietor and Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, have expressed interest in Maher’s confession.

“This situation is becoming more and more extraordinary, Musk stated as he shared Rufo’s video. He expressed no shock over Wikipedia suppressing particular data during US elections and the COVID-19 crisis.”

Maher expresses doubt contrary to Durov’s strong affirmation of free speech as Telegram’s main principle, stated during his interview with Tucker Carlson on April 17th.

Durov stated that he doesn’t have significant possessions such as property or real estate, but instead chooses to hold Bitcoin (BTC) and cash. This preference reflects his value of personal liberty and dedication to advancing Telegram.

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