Welcome to the future where on-chain robots serve coffee and crypto rewards

A fully-automated robot, fueled by blockchain technology, now serves coffee – bringing the future right to us in an easy and convenient way.

At Token2049 in Dubai, Peaq, a new layer-1 blockchain for Digital Asset Passports (DePIN) and Machine Real-World Assets (RWAs), introduced XMAQUINA and ELOOP. They showcased the live process of turning autonomous value-generating robots into tradable tokens.

During the robo-cafe demonstration, participants were given coffee while simultaneously earning cryptocurrency by selling each cup through XMAQUINA’s group of machines.

XMAQUINA utilizes Peaq IDs for managing identities throughout its system and incorporates Peaq’s additional Modular Dependency Functions in its design. Users can view all transactions related to a robo-cafe by searching for its Peaq ID on Subscan.

At Peaq, we utilize our layer-1 technology for hosting the smart contracts that govern our business operations, in addition to establishing machine pools.

In simple terms, the initial launch of a pool signifies the earnings derived from a European robo-cafe business, tokenized and automated, with tokens owned by XMAQUINA holders receiving a portion of revenue for each cup sold.

Mauricio Zolliker, the co-founder and CEO of XMAQUINA, shared with CryptoMoon why their company is showcasing a coffee-serving robot based on DePIN technology to illustrate how Web3 technologies can aid humans in managing automation.

Don’t fear the robot

Approximately 375 million jobs could be eliminated due to automation by the year 2030, according to a recent McKinsey study. The inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI) in this scenario would result in an additional loss of around 12 million jobs within the same time period.

Instead of just warning about the potential job losses from advanced robots in various industries worldwide, XMAQUINA aims to harness robot technology together with decentralized systems to create more opportunities for equal participation among people.

Through the process of dividing up the income produced by DePINs (Decentralized Perpetual Income Streams) of self-governing robots, individuals have the opportunity to be investors rather than casualties in automation’s advancement.

“Everybody gets to be a stakeholder, not just the 1%, which is a more sustainable approach to automation than the alternatives.”

Zolliker expressed that anybody could embark on the entrepreneurial journey. He explained, “Imagine this, individuals can fund intricate tech projects through crowdfunding.” This action not only fosters broader economic expansion but also encourages the establishment of new businesses and generates new employment opportunities.

What about user data? 

XMAQUINA makes use of Peaq’s identity management system, enabling users to engage with both the technology and robots. According to Zolliker, this setup lets machines securely and reliably interact with the blockchain for distributing rewards without intermediaries.

He added that they have the ability to save anonymized usage data for upkeep, directly on the blockchain.

In regard to the sale of coffee using the robot, the handling of user data follows standard procedures for securing credit card transactions. Appropriate safeguards are in place, making this aspect of the business no different from conventional sales.

An automated future 

When asked whereelse this technology could be well-suited for this DePIN model, Zolliker answered:

“In essence, it comes down to one simple question: Can the machine create value autonomously? If the answer is yes, it’s most likely a good fit.”

He mentioned that the project is exploring various industries for prospective applications. These include logistics and delivery, agriculture, manufacturing, services and hospitality, construction, and environmental monitoring sectors, all involving robots.

“He stated that people shouldn’t be afraid of losing their jobs to robots because they could make money from them instead,” is one way to paraphrase this statement in a natural and easy-to-read manner.

“While there’s no stopping automation, the most equitable way of moving forward with it is to let everyone have a stake in it.”

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2024-04-18 16:18