Find Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase | Step-by-Step Guide

Find Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase | Step-by-Step Guide

This text provides information on how to store and protect the recovery phrase for a Trust Wallet, which is a cryptocurrency wallet application. The author discusses several methods for securing the recovery phrase, including:

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s possible that you’ve misplaced or forgotten the recovery phrase for your Trust Wallet account. But if you can still log into your account using the mobile app or web browser, there’s no need to panic. Help is at hand.

However, if you have unfortunately lost complete access to your Trust Wallet, little can be done.  

In today’s article, we will take you step-by-step through the process of:

As a crypto investor, I can’t stress enough the importance of properly storing my recovery phrase for my multi-coin wallet. This simple sentence may seem straightforward, but it conveys the same meaning as your original statement while using first person perspective and a more natural, easy-to-read language.

So, let’s get started on this essential guide for protecting your Trust Wallet recovery phrase. 

What is a Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase? 

When setting up a cryptocurrency wallet, you will be provided with a collection of 12 or 24 randomly generated words known as “recovery” or “seed phrases.” Consider these as your crucial backup phrase that should be carefully preserved, ideally in a written format.

A recovery phrase is a unique set of words created by your cryptocurrency wallet during its initialization. These words serve as a vital tool for regaining access to your wallet. When arranged in the correct sequence, they function as a memory aid, revealing all the private keys linked to your digital wallet.

The Trust Wallet recovery phrase is a secret code created and employed exclusively within your cryptocurrency wallet. Consequently, neither the wallet provider nor any external entity can seize control over your wallet using this phrase.

What If You Lose Your Recovery Phrase? 

If you misplace your recovery phrase or experience issues such as a broken, stolen, or lost phone, or unintentionally delete the Trust Wallet app, you stand to lose the cryptocurrencies stored within it.

In simple terms, most cryptocurrency wallets, particularly those that are not held by a third party, empower users to manage their own funds while assuming full responsibility for the security of their wallets. Consequently, the recovery phrase serves as the essential key to unlocking all your assets within the wallet, with each private key being generated from it. Misplacing this crucial phrase results in irreversible loss of access to your wallet, and usually, no centralized backup solution is provided.

Trustworthy crypto wallets don’t keep your private data or backup keys on their own systems. This means that they can’t help you regain access to your digital assets if you misplace your backup keys, highlighting the essential role of safeguarding your backups effectively.

As a responsible researcher handling digital assets, I cannot stress enough the importance of meticulously safeguarding my keys. This vital step ensures that I maintain control over my digital possessions and transactions.

Find Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase on the Mobile App 

Previously, a QR code feature was available, but it’s important to note that it may no longer be valid. To ensure a successful recovery process, please follow the instructions carefully below, and you will discover your secret recovery phrase in no time.

Step 1. Open the Trust Wallet App and Go to Settings 

Find Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase | Step-by-Step Guide

Step 2: Access the Wallets Option

Find Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase | Step-by-Step Guide

Step 3: Click the Dots

Find Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase | Step-by-Step Guide

Step 4. Select Manual Backup

Find Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase | Step-by-Step Guide

After that, select the “Manual Backup” alternative, and a fresh screen will emerge, requesting your confirmation to show the recovery phrase. A clear message will be displayed, emphasizing its importance and reminding you that it’s a secret known only to you.

Step 5. Copy Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase and Save It in a Safe Place

Find Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase | Step-by-Step Guide

Upon acknowledging and understanding the potential hazards, I will disclose the recovery phrase to you. Make sure to carefully copy this phrase once displayed and keep it in a safe location that is accessible only by you.

How to Find Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase Using the Trust Wallet Browser Extension 

Step 1. Open the Trust Wallet Browser Extension and Go to Settings

Find Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase | Step-by-Step Guide

As a user, you can initiate your experience by opening the Trust Wallet browser extension. Once it’s open, locate and click on the Settings icon, which is handily placed in the bottom right corner for quick access to your wallet settings.

Step 2. Select the “View Secret Phrase” Option in the Menu 

Find Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase | Step-by-Step Guide

Step 3. Enter your Wallet Password, Copy Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase, and Save It in a Safe Place 

Find Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase | Step-by-Step Guide

Upon pressing “View Secret Phrase,” a pop-up window will appear requesting the entry of your wallet’s password. Once the right password is submitted, the recovery phrase will be disclosed for you. You then have the option to either copy this information manually or download it as a file for safekeeping.

Make certain to make a duplicate and keep it in a secure location that is exclusively accessible to you for safeguarding your precious possessions.

Best Practices for Storing Your Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase

To protect yourself from threats such as hacking attempts, fraudulent schemes, phishing scams, and social engineering attacks, it’s essential to manage your recovery phrase with great care and avoid disclosing it to others.

How to do this? Well, follow this Trust Wallet recovery phrase best practices.

1. Store Your Recovery Phrase Offline 

One effective method to protect against hacks is to completely disconnect from the internet, as anything linked to it can be susceptible to cyberattacks. An outdated yet secure approach could be this disconnection. Additionally, utilizing a CryptoTag can further enhance security.

Here’s a suggestion for paraphrasing the given statement in a natural and easy-to-read way:

An alternative approach to enhance security is to split your recovery phrase into a few segments and keep each part in separate places.

2. In An Offline Note-Taking App 

If you need quick access to your recovery phrase, consider utilizing secure offline apps such as Apple Notes on iOS devices, Samsung Notes for Android users, or OneNote for convenient and enhanced security.

Additionally, certain apps offer increased security features, allowing users to utilize Face Recognition or Personal Identification Numbers (PIN codes) for access.

3. Use a Password Manager

Among the apps previously cited, password managers are an extra essential feature for safeguarding your recovery phrase. Several popular Android and iOS devices offer built-in versions of this functionality.

As a security analyst, I would highly recommend utilizing password managers for safeguarding your recovery phrases. These applications function as your personal storage system for passwords, employing cloud encryption to ensure that your data remains secure and inaccessible to unauthorized users. This eliminates the risk of losing or forgetting your important login information while providing an added layer of protection against potential cyber threats.

To access the encrypted data, you need to provide the correct authentication key, which could be a Personal Identification Number (PIN), a password, or biometric information like Face ID.


Can I Change My Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase? 

Your Trust Wallet recovery phrase is non-changeable. After its creation, it stays the same and cannot be modified by you or Trust Wallet.

As a researcher, I’d recommend the following if you have reason to believe that your recovery phrase may have been compromised: Create a new wallet on Trust Wallet. In doing so, you’ll transfer all your crypto assets from the potentially vulnerable wallet to the newly created one. Upon setting up the new wallet, you will be provided with a fresh 12-word recovery phrase, which will serve as the access key for this new, secure wallet.

Maintaining the security of your new wallet’s recovery phrase is crucial for ensuring the safety of your transferred cryptocurrencies.

Why Is My Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase Not Working? 

The main cause of issues with using your Trust Wallet recovery phrase is often due to simple typing errors. Be vigilant when inputting the words, as even minor mistakes can hinder the recovery process from functioning properly. Carefully verify each character’s placement within the sequence.

Could a Hacker Guess My Trust Wallet Phrase? 

As a crypto investor, I can confidently say that the odds of a hacker successfully cracking my recovery phrase are incredibly slim, approaching an unlikely feat.

Did you know that a seed phrase consisting of just 12 words generates an enormous number of combinations? Specifically, it amounts to approximately 3.4 x 10^38 unique possibilities.

Furthermore, a seed phrase consisting of 24 words significantly amplifies the immense complexity of the password, making it far more resistant to brute-force attacks.

Can the Trust Wallet Team Help Me Recover My Seed Phrase? 

Trust Wallet’s customer service team cannot access your recovery phrase. Losing this phrase means that there is no method for recovering it.


If you’re fortunate enough to still have access to your Trust Wallet, it means you can recover your recovery phrase even if you can’t remember it or have misplaced it. You can do this by logging into your account on your phone or browser. The recovery phrase is available in the wallet settings for you to retrieve.

It’s important to take necessary precautions to ensure you don’t end up in a worst-case scenario where you permanently lose access to Trust Wallet. Memorizing or securely storing your recovery phrase is crucial for preventing such an outcome.

As a researcher, I would advise you to safeguard your recovery phrase carefully and ensure it’s within reach whenever needed. By doing so, you retain full authority over your digital assets.

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