What are Meme Coins, and Do They Have Potential?

In today’s world shaped by the internet’s growth, society has undergone profound transformations on various fronts. The surge of digital connectivity has permeated almost every corner of our daily experiences, shaping global occurrences and wielding immense influence. Consequently, this online culture has left an indelible mark on crypto, giving birth to a captivating and thriving segment – meme coins.

Starting in 2013, meme coins have emerged as a significant force in the cryptocurrency sector, generating buzz and defying traditional norms. Two popular meme coins, DOGE and Shiba Inu, currently rank 9th and 12th on the global crypto index. Given their prominence, it’s worth exploring – what exactly are meme coins, and why should crypto fans care? Let’s delve into it.

Key Takeaways:

    Dogecoin was the first meme coin project that created this inventive and unconventional niche. 
    The industry has become wildly popular, with DOGE and SHIB becoming the 9th and 12th most significant currencies. 
    Meme coins became popular due to their non-mainstream appeal, focus on community and various utilities. 
    To select a proper meme coin for investment, you must evaluate the team behind the project and conduct due diligence. 

How Dogecoin Created an Entirely New Market

Around the end of 2013, two skilled engineers from Adobe and IBM embarked on a humorous endeavor poking fun at the emerging crypto industry. Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus initiated Dogecoin as a playful jab at Bitcoin and the nascent world of cryptocurrencies. They drew inspiration for its name from a popular internet meme featuring a Shiba Inu dog called DOGE.

Although Dogecoin’s playful moniker wasn’t its only unconventional aspect, Billy and Jackson deliberately constructed a system that defied Bitcoin’s norms. This network lacked supply restrictions and mechanisms for burning coins, instead offering an intricately complex payment processing method. Their intention was to challenge Bitcoin’s market standards and fuel the rise of internet memes.

Fast Fact:

Unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with a fixed supply limit, Dogecoin has no maximum cap. This allows for the continuous creation of new coins through mining, leading to an increasing supply of dogecoins over time.

What are Meme Coins, and Do They Have Potential?

In the beginning of 2014, Dogecoin experienced a significant surge in popularity and was purchased in large quantities around the world. As a result, its market value exceeded $9 million just two months after its creation. It was then that Billy and Markus became aware of the potential they had unleashed – an endeavor that attracted international attention within the burgeoning cryptocurrency scene.

Following this, creators took DOGE more seriously, introducing P2P functions and dividend utilities. Billy and Markus also built up a robust community for DOGE, granting users the power to vote on Dogecoin’s future and initiatives. As a result, a fresh crypto landscape emerged in 2014.

Reasons Behind DOGE’s Colossal Success

Dogecoin’s remarkable achievement may appear as if by pure luck, but the meme coin had several factors working in its favor. Beyond the meme trend, Dogecoin offered a unique perspective on constructing a cryptocurrency infrastructure, attracting a large following of crypto fans.

The reasons why DOGE thrived in the meme coin sector became clearer as this market gained traction. Its strong community involvement, practical peer-to-peer transfer capabilities, affordable gas fees, and inclusive voting mechanism were well-received by crypto users. Additionally, DOGE served as a platform for innovative projects that explored unconventional blockchain technologies and ideas.

Due to its unique appeal as a meme coin, DOGE has emerged as the most successful one in the cryptocurrency market, attracting a large fanbase and serving as a hub for young crypto advocates around the globe. Currently, DOGE maintains its position atop the list of popular meme coins, boasting an impressive market capitalization of over $30 million.

The Foundation of a Meme Coin Market

The surge of Dogecoin’s popularity was a worldwide occurrence, but it took some time before new meme coins came into existence. Although Dogecoin had already gained traction within the crypto community, its major leap forward occurred in 2020 when Elon Musk endorsed it on Twitter. Subsequently, other initiatives began to appear on the cryptocurrency scene, all offering their distinct take on the DOGE concept.

In this timeframe, numerous meme initiatives attempted to make a splash and duplicate the achievement of Dogecoin’s success. Yet, it was Shiba Inu that managed to garner a substantial fanbase and capitalized on the popularity of this specific niche.

SHIB token, inspired by Dogecoin, features an expansive coin supply and offers a practical payment solution as a key aspect of its project. Additionally, the Shiba Inu ecosystem grants rewards to contributors, including community members, validators, and miners.

The meme coin category experienced significant expansion from 2020 to 2024, despite several coins falling short of DOGE and SHIB‘s success. This growth gave birth to a vibrant sector that caters to internet culture and prioritizes practical usage for the general public over high-rolling investors.

Characteristics of Successful Meme Coins

In simpler terms, to explain why meme coins have suddenly become popular among young people around the world, let’s look at how they built upon the success of early meme coins like Dogecoin. Today, these digital currencies are evolving and gaining traction with their unique features and vibrant online communities. Here’s what makes the meme coin trend significant in 2024.

What are Meme Coins, and Do They Have Potential?

Emphasis on Community, Democracy, and Tokenomics

Since the late 1990s, the Internet has been home to various communities where people from all over the world can come together based on shared interests. With the surge in popularity of cryptocurrencies, there has been a significant increase in the need for close-knit and carefully built communities.

A large number of individuals involved in cryptocurrencies expressed a desire to be part of an online community where they could share knowledge about crypto, brainstorm concepts, collaborate on initiatives, and potentially secure financing for their ventures.

In simpler terms, blockchain’s decentralized structure aligns well with these communities, enabling a democratic method for managing group participants. Furthermore, a robust token economy is common among meme coins, giving community members confidence in the project’s long-term success, despite any potential decline in cultural buzz.

What are Meme Coins, and Do They Have Potential?

Meme coins offer a unique spin, making use of these ideas in a fun and engaging way. They bring people together through digital trends and encourage participation in a playful yet worthwhile cryptocurrency social circle. This setup caters perfectly to those who may not be drawn to traditional crypto communities like Ethereum or Bitcoin, which center around investment and adopt a more cautious stance towards innovation.

Large cryptocurrency networks are now too complex to frequently try out new concepts, as they prioritize upholding their existing system principles. Consequently, meme coins have gained significance in this context, offering an environment where innovation isn’t merely tolerated but encouraged by the engaged community.

Non-Mainstream Appeal

Meme coins offer a unique perspective on the crypto world by going against traditional norms. Their non-mainstream nature makes them an intriguing option for those seeking something different in the blockchain experience. The allure of the unconventional has long been a draw in various industries and mediums, as people are naturally attracted to innovative, out-of-the-box concepts.

Younger crowds particularly resonate with unconventional appeal, as they strive to differentiate themselves and explore avant-garde passions. Meme tokens effectively embody this defiant spirit while offering substantial value.

An intriguing aspect of meme coins goes beyond their cultural significance; they offer unique value in the cryptocurrency realm. Memes coins’ creators frequently surprise us with their determination to innovate within the blockchain sector. Various meme coin communities champion distinct values and technologies.

After the 2022 market downturn, several new meme cryptocurrencies have chosen to revitalize the Web3 and NFT scene. These meme coin initiatives aim to build Web3 platforms, games, apps, and networks, creating a stronger foundation for this field’s long-term success. Although the broader population remains skeptical about Web3 and NFT projects, the increasing number of meme coins focusing on this area has quickened their revival.

Encouraging Experimentation and Utility

In 2020, the hype around meme coins reached new heights with DOGE‘s success. The goal for many was to profit from this trend without offering the same functionalities as DOGE. SHIB stood out by adopting a value-driven strategy amidst the crowded meme coin scene. Notably, SHIB has been the only project that has remained resilient during the 2022 market slump.

In contrast to the past, today’s crypto world isn’t just about hype from social media for newer meme coins. Instead, these tokens now aim to offer genuine use cases and value. They are focusing on building communities, creating payment systems, and even developing new digital products based on blockchain technology.

Due to this recognition, numerous meme coins have evolved beyond their speculative reputation, which is commonly criticized in the crypto world. In essence, a digital currency not anchored to any commodities or real-world value can be susceptible to devaluation due to the absence of counterbalancing factors during market downturns. Luckily, most meme coins have addressed this volatility issue.

How to Select a Promising Meme Coin in 2024

In simpler terms, the question “What is a meme token?” is asked less often now that many people have been introduced to this unique corner of the cryptocurrency world. But figuring out which meme coin has significant value continues to be a challenge for some crypto fans.

Meme coins are known for their unpredictability in the volatile crypto market. It can be harder than usual to predict their price movements. But if you’re thinking about investing in them, here are some tactics to consider.

What are Meme Coins, and Do They Have Potential?

Evaluate the Utilities

Meme coins have evolved significantly since their early days of being fueled solely by hype. Nowadays, many meme coins are underpinned by substantial technologies and features. These include Web3 integration, peer-to-peer systems, and smart contract capabilities. Meme coins frequently showcase some of the most intriguing advancements in blockchain technology.

Instead of focusing solely on meme coins with a strong utility, it’s wise to consider those projects as well. Doing so can help minimize price volatility and attract more investors due to the added incentives. For instance, Dogewhats Coin stands out by offering unique ownership structures that provide value.

The makers of Dogwifhit have relinquished all rights to the network and coins, transferring full ownership to the community. Consequently, investors understand that the Dogwifhit coin operates under a democratic system, eliminating any possibility for centralized control or manipulation.

Assess the Team and Community

In the world of startups, creative teams play an essential role in ensuring success. The expertise, background, and open communication of the startup’s founders are vital for building a robust network that can withstand the challenges over the long term.

Because the majority of meme cryptocurrency teams are now prioritizing functionality, user interaction, and decentralization, it’s essential for the team behind any new project to have a strong understanding of blockchain technology. This knowledge will enable them to build a robust and effective blockchain network that fulfills the initial promises made to users.

From 2020 to 2022, a large number of inexperienced individuals entered the crypto scene and started developing meme coins without proper understanding of the underlying technology. Many of these projects fell short in various aspects, particularly in terms of technical proficiency. Therefore, putting your investment into meme coins led by seasoned teams is likely to yield better returns.

Conduct Due Diligence

The world of virtual currency memes is still in its infancy, but there’s no shortage of resources available online for thorough research. A crucial first move is to examine the project’s white paper. White papers serve as repositories of essential technical and business details about meme coin projects. They outline the token economics, operational procedures, distinctive features of the currency, and team backgrounds.

What are Meme Coins, and Do They Have Potential?

After that, verifying the details given by the developers against the realities is crucial. This step could be more difficult because of the limited information available. Nevertheless, exploring online forums and communities can help in this regard, providing valuable insights from other users about the project’s reputation.

In the end, keep yourself updated on any new developments regarding the meme coin you’re invested in. Pay close attention to announcements about the project, as these can significantly impact the coin’s value.

Final Takeaways – Should You Invest in Meme Coins?

Meme coins have taken over the crypto market as a popular topic of discussion, surpassing the query “what is a meme coin?” and joining the ranks of well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as marquee blockchain projects.

In the past two years, this emerging market has evolved, shifting its emphasis from creating amusing internet memes to delivering genuine value. Consequently, investing in meme coins could be a lucrative opportunity in 2024. Nevertheless, it’s essential to remember that this sector remains volatile, so carefully researching and conducting due diligence before making any investments is crucial.


What are meme coins? 

Meme coins represent a unique category of cryptocurrencies and networks built around popular internet memes. Dogecoin (DOGE) was the pioneering project in this sector, paving the way for a distinct presence within the blockchain community.

Are crypto meme coins valuable? 

In more straightforward terms, meme coins, once purely based on speculation, now offer practical uses and hold tangible worth. Consequently, they present alluring investment prospects due to their real-value connection.

How do you buy meme coins?

Meme coins can be found on major cryptocurrency exchanges. Both Coinbase and Binance list some of the trending meme coins for trading.

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